My First Year Experience

Digital Story Assignment — Post 1

We are now into the third week of the semester, with this being the first post that we have been asked to make on Medium for our Digital Story which will serve as our final for CLA 1005. For this project, I have decided to follow the second part of the first option which reads as follows:

Students selecting this option should develop narrative, ethnographic, and creative materials that represent your evolving identity, values, strengths, academic and professional interests in the context of your first year college experience. Although this option represents a more auto-ethnographic project, all students will need to intentionally and explicitly compare their experiences to students from similar and different socio-cultural backgrounds.

I have chosen this option because I feel that it will best capture my progression and development as a student, as a person, throughout the first semester. Currently, I find myself questioning a lot of things — everything from what career I should pursue to where my place at the University of Minnesota will be. My hope is that by the end of the semester I will have answers to at least some of these and that my Medium posts will reflect not only my progress, but also that of others around me; students like me who may also be doing a lot of questioning. In order to best capture this progression and development, I will be using Medium as a diary of sorts; recording how I’m feeling, what I’m struggling with, what I’m doing well at, and everything in between.

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