( Modern ) war is literally abortion ( murder ) of innocent life just as forcing an ectopic pregnancy not to be aborted can be literally murder of the mother.

Just my opinion but more men ( who cannot become pregnant ) are interested in stopping women from aborting pregnancies calling that “murder” than call war “murder.”

So I’ll address stopping all abortions for women no-matter-what as “murder” first.

In ectopic pregnancies the embryonic cells before they’re called a fetus starting the eleventh week are outside the womb so can not receive nutrients so are literally starved to death. Worse ectopic pregnancies ( can be prevented by abortion in many cases ) causes ten percent of all pregnancy deaths of mothers.

Doing the math ( zero percent? ) live births from ectopic pregnancies at cost of ten percent of all pregnancy related deaths of women ( about 700 per year in USA ) comes out to 70 women per year condemned to death because they were forced to by anti-abortion laws ( or chose to ) ( or could not ) abort an ectopic pregnancy.

While suicide is no longer considered a crime in America there is much debate about “assisted suicide” being legal, or not. If ectopic pregnancies are not a woman’s choice forced ectopic pregnancies when no exceptions are made for it in no-matter-what anti-abortion laws potentially condemning both mother and child to death goes beyond reckless to negligent homicide in my opinion.

While anti-abortion laws that cause deaths ( sometimes of both mother and fetus ) are hardly “pro-life” my point here is more practical than principled.

Ignoring science or even human development as have some anti-abortion laws which do not make exceptions for rape of children as young as nine years old with bodies not ready to carry a fetus to term is a “pro-life” safety issue in my opinion and it baffles me that ( some ) pro-life advocates can not see that.

Ditto we need to stop pretending Putin’s “special military operation” is not both war and murder.

Not that long ago in armed conflicts with lots of combatants we called “wars” one non-combatant civilian was killed for every eight soldiers killed.

Now in large scale military conflicts eight innocent civilians are killed for every soldier killed and our euphemism for that carnage is “collateral damage.”

Why is it that happening when we have “smart” bombs and all kinds of better more accurate targeting and both “sides” in all conflicts are claiming not to be targeting or killing civilians?

In my mind the reason is how powerful modern “smart” bombs are and how often they malfunction or are shot down so they don’t arrive at their intended target.

Witness how LARGE the craters we see in Ukraine are now and how many civilians are being killed.

Putin is obviously not “saving” Ukrainians as he claims. If they wanted to be “saved” they would have said so. Certainly not be fighting back tooth and nail against Putin’s overwhelming military force as they are now.

Are there people in Ukraine who want Putin there? Of course, but they were able to cast their ballots and were outvoted by the majority.

What we see in Putin’s “special military operation” is a desperate attempt to change with bullets the sovereignty of Ukraine his supporters could not change with ballots.

Mariupol in Ukraine is an abortion of war with Putin starving civilians threatening them if their military does not surrender.

And to what purpose? To “save” the people of Mariupol? No. To preserve the Russian language many of then speak? To “protect” the people of Mariupol from illegal NATO expansion. Absolutely not!

Putin’s lying to his people, the world, and to himself about the legality of NATO expansion.

Putin focused on a point in time when a negotiator for first president Bush proposed NATO not expand beyond 1989 line.

But President Bush nixed that idea because it would have cut the country of Germany in two. So the final agreement signed had no limit listed or intended for NATO expansion and the Soviets signed off on it.

Putin’s megalomania trying to make a point in the process the final outcome is not unlike America’s megalomaniacal TFG and ( far too many ) GOP claiming because TFG was ahead on last day on same day vote he should win despite the fact he had less votes when all the votes were counted.

It’s as uncomfortable for me to tell you this as it was to point out too many supposedly “pro-life” are looking the other way or unaware of dangers of no-matter-what anti-abortion laws thinking that’s exactly what they want when if they’d just stop celebrating and look more closely they might think maybe not. Maybe ( the whole ) truth, or justice ( for all ), or being careful not to take lives in the name of saving lives is just as important.



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Ken Hollar

Kindness is strength-not weakness. Gun safety advocate. People before profit or politics. Vote out GOP still anti-democratic as former guy. Respect all. #resist