In what’s normally a mad dash to the finish in the Annual “Lingering Client Deadlines and Unaccomplished Goals” Race, 2018 was different. Last year, I chose to remember that there were other routes I could take. That the year was a marathon, after all. A solo race with myself to my own personal journey.

“Take. Your. Time.” — is what the voice said as I was closing in on the final leg.

So I did.

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Views from a dream trip to Marriott Resort Momi Bay in Fiji.

Having spent the year devising a plan to build a parent company to house my businesses, coaching speakers to bring their ideas to global stages, strategizing with creative minds to help them move from idea to execution, consulting companies on redefining their stories, designing and facilitating learning experiences for emerging leaders to realize their potential, and teaching the TMAY method to artists, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and students around the world — instead of feeling guilted by countless memes and social media reposts urging me to have my shit together by December 31 (or else?), I spent the last two weeks of 2018 savoring, celebrating and soaking in what remained of an incredibly eye-opening year. …


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