Introduction to My Portfolio

Welcome to Hollie Arnett Design and welcome to my portfolio! It’s such a pleasure to have you here and an honour to introduce my work to you, so thank you for reading! I’ve spent the last seven years, throughout high school and university and my own freelance career, creating various pieces of work and building up my portfolio to where it is today; updating my display of projects as my skills have grown and developed. I hope you enjoy it!

As I introduce my portfolio and you explore it for yourself if you want to, you’ll notice that I’ve worked with a lot of design mediums, exploring both print and web projects, and working in areas from branding to user interfaces to advertising and even more. I love how design can be used in so many different formats and mediums to portray similar content in various ways in order to provide a unique user experience, and I’m super interested in the way that print and web can work together in cool ways, so I’m always flicking between them and intertwining them together!

Within my portfolio I also include work that has been created for various purposes, whether it be from university projects, commissioned freelance work, volunteer design or personal pieces of work, so you’ll see lots of different types of work!

Most recent (and favourite) piece of work

Erebus ISTD Book

I was going to do another section of this blog post entitled “my favourite piece of work” when I realised that my most recent piece of work is also my favourite! As a designer, my goal is to keep learning, improving and pushing my skills every day and so it makes sense that my favourite project would constantly change as I create new work, with each design becoming better than the last.

At the moment, my most recent piece of work, and my current favourite, is the Erebus ISTD Book. This piece of work was a huge achievement for me and I couldn’t be more proud. I designed and produced a typographic book about the Mt Erebus plane crash in 1979 and the controversies around it for a university paper in information design. Creating the piece for the assignment was a mission enough but I also chose to enter it into the student assessments for ISTD (The International Society for Typographic Design) which meant even more time spent and hard work put into it to make it as perfect as possible. This was the most stressed I’ve ever been at university and it took a lot of strength and passion to get me through it but I’m so glad I didn’t give up! Not only did I get an A+, but the work gained me entry into ISTD and was given a merit award which is amazing! I guess I’m so proud of it because I just worked so unbelievably hard and I wanted it to be so perfect and all the hustle paid off in the end!

Even though this is my favourite piece of work so far, I’m hopeful that my next project will become the new favourite!

Photography of projects


It’s hard to make a design project, especially a print project, look as good in an online portfolio as it does in person, but great photography can make this task easier. I love photography and I’ve been learning since year 9 of high school; not with enough commitment I’ll admit, but I have always loved it so I try to keep progressing. All of the work currently in my portfolio is photographed by me in order to maintain this educational journey within photography! I love photographing my work myself because I have complete creative control over how my work is presented. I may not be the best photographer in the world, and a professional would probably cry at my images, but it’s all me. I create the work, I lay it out and set it up how I want it, I photograph the compositions and elements that I want to present, and I edit the photos to the style that I think best represents me and my work. This leaves the whole process in my hands and I like having the (basic) skills and the opportunity to do that! I may be a bit of a control freak when it comes to my work but I think it pays off!

Thank you for reading!

Thank you so much for being interested in my work and the creation of my portfolio, it means so much to me! I’d love to read about and see your own portfolio so whether you’re a designer, illustrator, composer, animator, writer or anything else creative, I’d love to hear about it! It’s your work and you should be proud of it so don’t be afraid to share it!!

Much love, Hollie! :D

Originally published at on January 4, 2016.