New Year’s Design Resolutions

As a designer, businesswoman and human being, I’m always trying to improve myself; I try to learn more and more every day and use this new knowledge to become the best me that I can. This year I’ve decided to really think about how I want to improve in all of these areas, focussed around my career as a designer. Have a read of my New Year’s design resolutions and see if you can think of some for yourself!

1. Try new things!

It’s often easier to stick to what you know, especially if what you know is working quite well for you. As a designer, I seem to have accidentally created a particular style that works for me and that people recognise me for. I tend to go for clean, clear, white design that is simple but strong. I didn’t intend to create this aesthetic but I naturally lean towards these design styles almost every time so it must be my thing! Plus people seem to like it so I stick to it, unconsciously staying within my comfort zone with most things that I design. I see so many different and interesting styles of design that are incredible, so this year, my first resolution is to explore and incorporate different design styles into my work that will diversify my palette but still complement it! While it’s good for me to have a personal brand, I don’t want to get stuck in a rut!

2. Share what you know!

I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing tutors, peers, mentors and friends who inspire, teach and motivate me every day to be the best creative that I can be. I wouldn’t be the designer or the person that I am today without the advice and guidance of any of these people, and I’m so grateful! Now that I’ve learnt from them, and continue to learn from them all the time, it’s my turn to share my own knowledge with others! I’ve been through three years of my degree and started my journey into the design industry and I’ve already learnt so much, and I think that people just getting started where I have been, or partway through this journey would benefit from my honest thoughts and advice! I wish someone had told me everything about design school before I started so I have the chance to provide that for other people!

3. Network, network, network!

I’m an introvert, so networking is far from natural to me. It takes a lot of courage and overcoming of nerves for me to introduce myself to someone, especially on my own initiative, but I’m looking to change that! Networking is so advantageous for anyone looking to expand their business and venture into new territories within their practice, so it’s important for me to make this a priority. I also love creating strong relationships with cool people so it’s a fun time for me too! I work in an incredible co-working space here in Wellington called The BizDojo where there are so many opportunities for me to interact and work alongside various other small businesses and talented people, so why wouldn’t I? I also have a lot of plans for the next year, and there are so many people around me who would be amazing to get in contact with for advice and help towards my goals so I need to get on to it. I’m placed in the perfect environments at work and at university to help me in the right direction and for me to help others too, so it’s a huge goal for me this year to put myself out there and take advantage of these opportunities! I’m scared but also excited about the people I might meet and the fun things that could come with these relationships!

4. Just go for it!

Often as a creative, especially when you’re a student or early on in your career, it’s very easy to doubt yourself, and to compare yourself to others. Because of this, it can sometimes be hard to back yourself and to go for the things you really want to. I’ve been a designer for a while, but I still struggle to take some chances and design the things I really want to because I doubt my skills, or question whether I can pull off certain ideas. This year, I’m taking the challenge to be bold; to go for the things that I want to do, no matter how much I doubt myself. If other people can do it, I can work hard and achieve it too. Watch this space, because I’m going for it!

5. Stop Procrastinating!

I’m a pretty driven person, and as an introvert it’s pretty easy for me to stay home and work rather than go out so I do manage to get lots done; however, I think I can do more! There are a lot of moments when I catch myself browsing instagram or binge-watching Netflix, but I could be doing something more productive. This year I’m planning on achieving even more than last year, and while I’m finishing my degree, I’m going to need all of the time that I can get. This means that I’m going to have to be diligent; if I catch myself procrastinating, I’ve got to stop and get to work! You’re going to have to wish me luck for this one, it’s going to be hard not to watch TV all the time, especially when I’ve just started to binge watch Orange Is The New Black… oops.

6. Chillax!

All of these New Year’s resolutions are going to require lots of hard work and effort, but as with most things, there will need to be a balance. Because I have so many ideas and so many things I want to achieve to a high standard, I can often work too hard and easily get burnt out. This means that I often have to take a step back and take it easy. This year I’m hoping to keep a steady pace, maintain my time management and stay on top of things so that it doesn’t get too hectic, but when it does, have the wisdom to take a break and look after myself :)

I’m excited about what this year has in store and I can’t wait to tackle it head on with these New Year’s resolutions in mind! I’d love to hear what your own resolutions are and what you’re goals will be for this year! Good luck to you all! Please wish it upon me too — I’ll need it!

Originally published at on January 4, 2016.

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