When it comes to brand strategy, a vision statement is often seen as the holy grail, part of the winning trifecta of vision, mission, and values.

Your vision is the north star of your brand that guides everything that you do and is there to help you take your business forward. But how do you write one, and what makes it effective?

Vision vs Mission

Along with your brand values, a mission and vision are the basics of brand strategy 101, and knowing how to write a company mission and vision statement is a great way to start your strategy off strong.


Vision statements come in all shapes and sizes depending on the business, but they all have one thing in common — they provide hope, inspiration, and direction, to those who follow them.

When you are writing your own epic vision statement as part of your brand strategy, it can be helpful to see how other brands have written the visions that they have for their business, customers, industry, or the world.

Here are over 60 examples that you can use to inspire your own vision statement.

And if you’re looking for mission statement examples, you can find those here.



As creatives, we want to share our work with the world, so without necessarily intending to, we become content creators. Whether showing your process, helping others get started, or sharing the experiences, knowledge, and stories you have about your craft, you’re likely creating content about your passion. Unfortunately, sometimes getting your work and content out there can feel like an impossible task full of algorithms, audiences, and ads. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way though. Creating engaging content can actually be full of celebration, community, and creativity!

In this article, we’re going to dive into how you can…

Getting a logo and making it perfect can be the most stressful part of building a If designing the perfect logo really is holding you back and stopping you from getting your products out there and selling your services, then please don’t worry about it! On social media especially, a photo or illustration of you will work amazingly as your profile image, and you don’t need it on your posts. Instead, focus on building your audience and sharing your work. Then, when you feel ready to tackle your logo, or invest in a designer to help you create one, you…

From the colours that you use, to your font choices and beyond, the design elements that are included in your brand tell your story and appeal to your ideal audience.

Whether you’re working with a brand designer, or creating your own designs, building a brand identity for your small business is all about making sure that your vision is accurately and effectively reflected in your visuals.

Creating unstoppable design elements is, therefore, the key to building an unstoppable brand.

The 5 design elements your brand will include are:


The main design element that your brand has is a logo. Hopefully, you will have multiple versions of your logo, such…

Instagram is all about community, creativity and being your gosh darn beautiful, wonderful, talented self. But for many creatives, it doesn’t always feel that way. There’s a sense of pressure to have a perfect feed, sell your work on stories, and show up every day. It’s overwhelming, and it often stops people from sharing their work at all.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Growing your brand on Instagram can and should be a stress-free, creativity-filled, community-driven experience! …

This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by Monique Floyd, AKA King Moe, brand photographer and creator of the best-selling course and movement, love your self(ie)!

Monique is a photographer who does so much more than take photos. Moe gives women power, amplifies their voices, and plants seeds to empower through her work, and has recently transformed that work into a best-selling online course and movement, Love Your Self(ie)!

In this amazing episode, we talk about adapting your offers through COVID, owning your mission through everything, the power of a mission that ties everything together, and how being more of yourself attracts more people. And so much more!

Do you have some branding goals on your to-do list this year, but don’t know who you need to be hiring to make those goals happen? Is it a brand designer? Is it a brand coach?

Well, I started my career as a brand designer and now am a brand coach, so I’m here to clarify both for you! I’m here to tell you what a brand designer does, what a branding coach does, and how the frick you know which one you need to hire to grow your business!

What is a brand designer?

“A Brand Designer … produces designs across a variety…

One of my values is “Never stop learning — you’ll never be finished.” I’m all about learning and growing so I can be the best version of me, and help you be the best YOU! One of the ways I do that is by reading, so I want to share some of my favourite creative books with you. Some of these books have legitimately changed my life and my approach to creativity, so I 100% recommend them all to you!

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

This is my absolute FAVOURITE book on creativity ever. So much so that I have a tattoo based on a…

This week on the Brand Your Passion podcast, I was joined by coach and creative, Viv Kruckow, AKA Rust Creative.

Viv is a creative herself, hosting a podcast, creating merch, writing books, and more, as well as coaching and guiding other creatives through their process and helping them embrace their creative magic.

In this amazing episode, we talk about owning your weirdness, tuning into your intuition, and growing through business.

Hollie Arnett

Design addict, typography nerd, hand lettering lover and branding boss. Living the dream running my one-woman studio @blckwhstudios 🖤

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