Coming to an end

Hollie Jones
Aug 24, 2016 · 3 min read

Over the past two weeks we have been closing doors. I never imagined that when our treatment came to an end it would be so emotional.

Two weeks ago we had our last visit with Dr Jain and all the amazing staff at RGI. I never imagined I would be so sad to leave. It was actually heartbreaking. Nick knows me better than I know myself. As we were walking out the doors for the last time, he looked at me said,” are you going to cry?!” I looked up and started balling. It was bitter sweet. I truly love the staff at RGI so much. It had become part of my weekly routine to see everyone there. I could never thank Dr Jain and the staff of RGI enough for being so kind and caring through such an emotional part of my life. They played such a big role in our little miracle.

Yesterday was my first OBGYN appointment. I went with my fertility doctors recommendation and switched to a new doctor. Everyone at the new practice was great! I must say, Ive been very spoiled with RGI. I was able to see the baby weekly and hear the heart beat. When making my appointment, they told me I wouldnt get an ultrasound at the first appointment. I was so upset. I was so nervous yesterday I wouldnt get to hear or see the baby. Thankfully, they understand that Ive been a little spoiled and offered to let me hear the babies heart beat. It was a game changer! It made me feel at peace again. The best part was I didn't have to ask!

Tonight is probably the biggest night for closing doors. It was my last injection. It truly means Ive completed the IVF process and my body is ready to take over and keep the baby strong and healthy. I dont know if I should celebrate or cry. Infertility treatment has been such a major part of our life for so long, its weird to think Im no longer in “active” treatment.

Although we are closing a door that has changed our lives, a bigger door is opening. Next week we get to find out the sex our precious baby. I am dying to shop and start spoiling this little peanut. We are just getting started and I am already dreaming of what our babies face will look like. I can’t wait for March!!

Infertility is something I am so thankful for. It was a long hard year of treatment, but I wouldn't change what Ive learned for anything. I am reminded daily of the struggles and I’m so blessed to have overcome it. I pray that our journey brings hope to others starting this adventure. I could never thank our supporters enough for the prayers, phone calls and kind words. This is a cycle better done with friends and family. If there is one thing of advice I could share with anyone starting fertility treatment, it would be to talk. Keeping it all in is easy, but it eats you alive. The more you talk, the more you realize there are millions of others just like you. It helped me to handle my situation and taught so many people about a disease they knew nothing of.

Thank you for being apart of our special story!


Hollie Jones

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