Embryo Update

Hollie Jones
May 19, 2016 · 2 min read

The retrieval went better than we could have dreamed. In 48 hours, I have felt so many different emotions. I went from possibly canceling retrieval, to having the retrieval, and then retrieving 16 eggs. With the high progesterone, we knew there were risks in doing the retrieval. Canceling cycle and posisbly not getting my ovaries to respond this way next month, In my eyes, was a higher risk.
Yesterday after the procedure, I spent the day recovering. I wasn’t in pain, just uncomfortable. The bloating is awful! Today I’m still not feeling the best. Mentally, Im ready to go shopping and have a girls night. Reality, I still feel like a cow and not that comfortable!

Today I woke up more nervous than the day I woke up for retrieval. I knew I would be hearing from the embryologist regarding our eggs and how many fertilized. Here is a little reminder on my diagnosis and what it does. I have DOR (diminishing Ovarian Reserve) this effects egg quality. We started this journey keeping facts in the back of our head. Like, only 3–5 eggs would be our likely outcome in retrieval. So we knew that this is where things would get complicated. So far, Ive beat a lot of odds with my DOR.

Out of our 16 eggs, 11 of them were mature. Out of the 11, 5 fertilized. We now have 5 embies (embryo babies). Our Embryologist said that If my progesterone levels would have NOT been elevated, then we would have had 80% of my matured eggs fertilize. I’m just so thankful for the 5 we currently have, and Im praying that we end with all 5. The next 48 hours will be the most critical time. We need them to grow and be super strong. Our embryologist will check on our little embies on Saturday and decide with Dr Jain what is best for them. A day 3 or a day 5 freeze. I will know more on Saturday regarding their strength.

I appreciate everyones support, kind words, and prayers over the past few weeks. It means so much to us to have all of your support. Now It’s time to pray for these little Embies, that they grow big and strong!!

With Love from a girl who dreams of being a mommy, Hollie

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