I’m Back, Pregnancy Overview

Hollie Jones
Mar 5, 2017 · 4 min read
Photography by Nicole Leone Miller http://www.nicoleleonemiller.com

The last time I blogged, leaves were starting to change and the heat of summer was coming to an end. We were pregnant! The pain and bruises, all the heartache we had experienced from fertility, finally disappeared. It was just apart of our amazing story.

I’m so sorry for abandoning my blog over the past 6 months. After some special request, Im going to give everyone a look into mommy life. Lets do a quick over view...

Nick and I found out early September that we were going to be blessed with a baby boy. To say we were excited was an understatment. We cried happy tears for two days straight.

Pregnancy. Where to start. I LOVED being pregant. My body hated me being pregnant, it rebelled in every way. Morning sickness. This should actually be called “all day” sickness. Everyone said by 12 weeks it would pass, Not so much. Try 24 weeks. The nausea and vomiting didn’t bother me though. It reminded me of the miracle living inside of me. It reminded me of everything we had worked so hard for. (All you moms who experience morning sickness, I highly recommend diclegis!! MIRACLE DRUG!!) Not only did I experience morning sickness, I also had pregnancy anemia. I was followed by a hemotologist and had to undergo several Iron transfusions. Sounds horrible, but not that bad. Minus the way it looks. You feel like they are pumping black ink into your body. Again, sounds horrible but I didnt care. I was so happy to have a healthy baby boy who was coming in March. We finally made it to the third trimester!! This was a big deal to me. I knew everything was going to be ok at this point.

Photography by Nicole Leone Miller http://www.nicoleleonemiller.com

At 30 weeks pregnant I started to experience horrible pressure. I thought for sure this was normal. Everyone told me the baby was moving into the right position for delivery. After all, this was my first time being pregnant. I had no clue what was normal and what was abnormal.

It was New Years Eve to be exact. I remember waking up several times through out the night and sitting in the bath tub. This was the only way I could find any relief. I remember telling Nick that it felt like the baby was trying to come out. I wasn't having any contractions, ( so I thought) I was peeing every 10 minutes with no relief, and to top it all off we had a house full of guest for The Ohio State game/ New Years Eve party.

I decided to go to bed and sleep it off, maybe call my OB in the morning if things didnt get any better. New years Day. I woke up in so much pain. Couldn't breathe. puking. Starting to bleed. I was terrified. I called my OB, she quickly responded and they had everything ready for me to arrive at St Anns. Long story short after several test and close monitoring they discovered I had a large kidney stone. Due to its size, I had no chance in it passing on its own. The pain had put me into pre term labor. I was admitted and with in 24 hours going into surgery. After a fabulous 3 day stay in the hospital, surgery, and a stent. Baby was safe, My pain was gone, and we were home to recover on bed rest. After two weeks, I was able to return to work on restrictions. My body, however, was no longer the same. I was exhausted. I was 100% effaced and doing everything to keep my stress down and prevent my baby boy from an early arrival.

I was 35 weeks, It was Wedensday February 8. I was going through Starbucks before arriving at work in the morning when a very familiar pain started. The pain was so bad I had to get out of my jeep in the drive through and attempt catching my breath. I thought for sure this was it. I was going to have my baby! I called Nick, I had decided to wait it out and see if the pain comes back. I arrived at work and made some phone calls. The pain was back and more severe. I was in tears and puking. Off to St Anns, again. I think I cried more once I heard the news, Another Kidney stone. This one bigger than the last. At this point in time things were different. I was too far along in my pregnancy for surgery. The baby was laying right on my Kidney and the stone was trapped. Once more, I was admitted into high risk. With close monitoring and around the clock medications, We spent 10 days in high risk. This terrible beggining will be what leads to the most beautiful ending.

Photography by Nicole Leone Miller http://www.nicoleleonemiller.com

This is where our birth story begins.

I’m going to continue with my blog after a lot of request. Watch closley through out the week, I’ll be giving you all the details to our birth story and how birth plans are not really plans at all!

With Love from a girl who is Evan’s Mommy

Photography by Nicole Leone Miller http://www.nicoleleonemiller.com

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Just a girl living in Ohio who achieved her dreams of becoming a mommy through IVF

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