Let the countdown begin

Hollie Jones
Jun 19, 2016 · 3 min read

Finally!! The time has come, We are preparing to bring home one of our little embies! Only 4 more day!! Thursday June 23, Nick and I will go in for our transfer. I will come home that day with one of our embies and pray that over the next week it falls in love with its new home and sticks!

This past month has been a little on the quite end with fertility. So blogging has been more difficult. I have been taking a lot of estrogen to prepare my uterine lining for the transfer. Other than that, the past few weeks have been consumed with home projects and family time. Occasionally enjoying wine on the patio while I have the chance.

Yesterday was the start of our PIO (progesterone infused oil injections) This is an intramuscular injection that requires you to ice prior and heat w/ massage after. According to my doctor, the heat will make you comfortable but he said to expect a constant charlie horse where the injections are… Sounds great, right?! Dr Jain prepared me yesterday for a rough few weeks because of these injection (to one of my favorite ladies in my life, you know you are are. You are a superhero!! How you do it with no ice or heat is crazy. Start heating your butt!! Love you) I literally woke up this morning not able to sit back on my right butt cheek and couldn't sleep on my right side. The best part is that tonight we get to do it again, on the left side now. If the transfer is successful and we end up pregnant, these injections will continue for 12 more weeks. We will alternate sides every night. I’m not great at math, however, I do know that it is more than 80 injections. Nick is not to happy about that.. He is being a trooper though. Last night was tolerable, but I’m not sure I’ll be saying the same thing in a week or two. Mentally, I know I can handle anything if it ends with us having a healthy baby. This is just another part of this terrible process that you just handle because you have no choice.

We are so so overwhelmed with joy and love that we have made it this far. Dr Jain reminded me yesterday how great my body has done and that this is something we didnt think would be possible. I know God has a bigger plan and we are just taking it day by day. This cycle has been anything but staright forward for us, but we did it. We have fell on our faces and got back up. The drive is real and you don’t stop for anything you want in life. It’s hard for me to think that in Septemeber we have been in treatment for a year. Literally, I think we have tried every possible option. It feels like finally we may be getting closer to the end of a chapter. After the transfer my blog may get quiet again. Only reason… if the transfer does take, Sharing we are pregnant will come at a later time. once I know we are in the safe zone, We will make it known when the time is right! If the transfer doesn't take, Nick and I deserve the time to be mad, sad, and all of those crazy emotions that come with fertillity. If the trasnfer does not take, the next step will be to transfer two embryos instead of one. Hopefully, we dont need to worry about that.

We know there is a purpose for our four little embies considering all of the odds that were against us! I know in my heart one of those 4 will be a strong healthy baby. They are fighters! Please continue praying for our family during these next few crazy weeks, we will be full of so many different emotions! I will update everyone on our transfer Thursday or Friday!

With love from a girl who dreams of being a mommy

Hollie Jones

Written by

Just a girl living in Ohio who achieved her dreams of becoming a mommy through IVF

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