Lucky number 4

Hollie Jones
May 24, 2016 · 2 min read

Today was a great day! After all the ups and downs we have experienced with our IVF cycle, we are finally done with one chapter. As of today, we now have 4 beautiful frozen embies!! I could not be any more trilled!! These little embies have overcome many odds. I know they are fighters and must be stubborn just like Nick and I.

Saturday, we recieved the 3 day call. This is when we were expecting to freeze all embryos. The embryologist explained to us that 4 out of the 5 were doing great and they would like to push them out for a day 5 or 6 freeze. (During IVF this is what you want) A lot of women have successful pregnancies with a day 3 transfer, but a day 5 is the best! I never thought this would be an option for me! When they mentioned a day 5 freeze I was so excited. We knew there was a risk in pushing them out to day 5, but if we could get 1–3, day 5 embryos, our chances would be higher of a successful pregnancy than freezing on day 3. I never imagined making it to day 5. I was ready to push forward. Like all fertility treatment, just another waiting game. Our embryologist said he would call Monday or Tuesday. Once I received the call today I was in total bliss! My heart felt happy. I am so proud of how far we have come with our fertility treatment, and that we have 4 frozen embryos!! Although its not done, I feel like we are getting closer.

I’m not to sure when the transfer will take place, my body is still trying to find itself after all the treatment. I’m hoping to be able to transfer next month, and I promise to keep everyone posted! I could never thank everyone enough for all the prayers, kind words, personal stories and love we have received! It means so much, continue to pray that my body will recover from stim treatment and we will be able to have a healthy, successful transfer!!!

with love from a girls who dreams of being a mommy

Hollie Jones

Written by

Just a girl living in Ohio who achieved her dreams of becoming a mommy through IVF

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