Round 2

Hollie Jones
Jun 2, 2016 · 2 min read

After a much deserved break from injections, medication and bloating, I am back in the fertility playing field! Today was my first ultrasound and blood work since the retrieval. So far, so good!

It always surprises me when my doctor advises me to take Birth control. It sounds so backwards.. Why take birth control when you want to be pregnant? It took me until now to understand the concept. I still second guess the pill every time I take it… I have offically now taken 3 birth control pills, and apparently that was all I needed to help calm down my ovaries and reduce cyst. (Thank God) Doctor Jain was very happy with all the progress my body made through out my IVF cycle. He reminded me today how the odds were definitely against me in the retrieval, and how much I was able to overcome! It made me feel good. He is now calling my embryos the “golden embryos” we worked really hard to get these and we are not going to transfer until my uterus is the perfect home! With that being said, Dr Jain feels we are able to transfer this month. We will more than likely only transfer 1 embryo this month. For some reason, if our cycle does not take, then we will transfer two the next time. Obviously two embryos have higher risks and right now a successful, full term pregnancy is my goal.

The frozen embryo transfer prep is pretty boring compared to the retrieval prep. Basically I’ll be taking oral medication for all most 2 weeks, Ill have another ultrasound to measure my uterus lining June 16. At that time, if things are perfect then we will start the dreaded progesterone injections and transfer at the end of the month!

I am still in complete shock and feel so blessed to have made it this far. knowing that I have the opportunity to be a mommy leaves me speechless. Now its time to start praying that when we transfer our little embryo, it is happy with me and sticks.

With love from a girl who dreams of being a mommy

Hollie Jones
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