Hollie Jones
Aug 3, 2016 · 4 min read

First, let me start by saying I am so sorry!!! I have left everyone out in the dust wondering what happened after our transfer. Like I said in my last post, I needed time off. Time to process everything we just experienced. Our life was consumed for months with doubt and fear but also excitment. We went from being told a baby wasnt an option with out an egg donor to beating all odds and successfully transferring our own embryo through IVF. God works is mysterious ways!

If there is one thing infertility has taught me, it is patience. Something that I knew not much about. When you sit down and think about how many days are in a year, and how many years you have been trying to start a family, you start to realize how much fertility truly consumes you. We have spent over 912 days of trying, over 100 injections, countless doctors appointments, and not to mention the thousands and thousands of dollars in treatment. So many nights of crying and wondering why. All of this sounds so horrible, but I dont think I would trade this experiance and what it has taught me for the world.

Time to catch everyone up on the past 9 weeks…

After the transfer you have a 9 day waiting period, This is when the embryo is trying to attach. Also during this time you realize just how crazy this journey has made you. You will never have the urge to go buy a stick and pee on it as much as you do during this time! In June, I finally got my first positive pregnancy test!! I didn’t believe it. Seriously. I kept it a secret from Nick for 24 hours because I just couldn't come to terms with the fact that I could truly be pregant. After 4 pee test at home I finally knew my prayers had come true. We were going to have a baby!! Telling Nick he was going to be a daddy was magical. No words explain the joy we both felt. Nothing else in the world mattered. Time stood still! All of the hard work and tears were finally worth it!

Over the past 9 weeks we have got to see our little peanut every other week with Dr Jain monitoring us very closly. We got to hear the babies heart beat for the first time at 6 weeks, it was a strong 144! Keeping this precious little miracle a secret has been SO SO SO hard!! Unfortuneltey, morning (all day) sickness started giving me away to people who were around me daily. We are so excited to share with everyone that Baby Jones estimated time of arrival is March 10. Today the little heart beat was very strong, 194. Boy or Girl?!?! Any guesses?

Next week will be our final appointment with Dr Jain and the fabulous employees at RGI. It will be biter sweet. I’m excited to move on, but its hard when you have been with the same doctor and nurses every week for a year. Sometime 3 times a week. Im so thankfully for RGI!!

Fertility is something I will always reflect on. It is still effecting so many women and so many close friends of mine. I hope knowing my story and my odds will give other women hope. Miracles are real. Thank you to all of our close friends and family who also have been keeping our secret from everyone!! I know it has not been easy! Please continue to pray for our new family of 3, that we continue to grow strong and healthy! I cant wait to share pregnancy details with everyone!

I’m going to share some of our photos from our fabulous pregnancy announcment session with the perfect Nicole Miller! check her out, you wont regret it! http://www.nicoleleonemiller.com/#forthewildones

With love from a girl who is FINALLY GOING TO BE A MOMMY