History Channel just “Trying” to Get More Viewers

Four men, one night in the woods, a video camera, and one epic video later: Buzzfeed Video with the History Channel presents: “The Try Guys Try Not to Die Alone in the Woods”. Published to YouTube June 29th 2015.

Screenshot taken from Tumblr.com

The “Try Guys” are a group of four men that work for the company Buzzfeed which according to their website is “The social news and entertainment company that provides the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and video across the social web to a global audience.” Buzzfeed’s Try Guys do random things such as try on wedding dresses, dress up in drag, test the legal alcohol limit, and so much more.

“The Try Guys Try not to Die Alone in the Woods” video is not one of a series. The Try Guys were “challenged” by the History Channel to do a representation of the show “Alone” where survivalists are dropped into the woods and have to survive on their own for as long as they can.

Here were the rules: The Try Guys had to survive alone in the forest for one night. They each got a survival pack, which included various things needed for survival such as: a pocketknife, water purification kit, and a fire starter. They each were given a camera to record their experience. It is a factual story, but is intended to be humorous.

Buzzfeed has done videos with sponsored content in the past. They even have a link on their website where you can type in your information and budget and they will work with you to create something special.

As said before, Buzzfeed is a huge social news company that has a global audience of over 200 million people. So, I’m going to assume Buzzfeed was asked to create the video in order to promote the History Channel show. The History Channel paid to have them make this video. It clearly shows on Buzzfeed’s webpage for this video that the History Channel is a brand publisher.

Screenshot taken from Buzzfeed.com

In the actual video, the History Channel logo is on the bottom right corner prompting people to tune in on Thursdays to catch new episodes of “Alone”.

This video is interesting because it takes the more serious History Channel show, “Alone” and puts a funny twist on it. The Try Guys are clearly not survivalists, but they are sent out over night to try and survive. The History Channel chose to partner with them in order to bring awareness to their show.

Buzzfeed, the company, is very innovative. It’s kind of on its own level in terms of competition. Not many other social news outlets have been quite as successful as they have been in this short amount of time. They utilize every possible social media outlet, and have created different channels or outlets within their brand. There’s Buzzfeed Video, Buzzfeed Blue, Buzzfeed Violet, Buzzfeed Yellow, and so much more!

Each of their outlets have a strong Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter presence. The people featured in their videos all work for Buzzfeed, and they even have a huge following on their private social media accounts. One of the Try Guys, Eugene Lee Yang has over 100 K followers on his Twitter account.

Screenshot taken from twitter.com

The Try Guys’ video made for the History channel has over 5.6 million views on YouTube, and that’s not even that many views compared to other Buzzfeed Try Guys’ videos. People are obsessed with Buzzfeed and the Try Guys.

Like I said before Buzzfeed Video and the Try Guys’ have a huge social media following. All of the people featured in the videos have a huge social media following, so when they tweet about their new video for the show History Channel show,“Alone”, people are going to watch.

I am an avid follower of Buzzfeed, but I do not watch the History Channel. By partnering with Buzzfeed, the History Channel reaches a new audience, which they might not have otherwise reached.

So if you’re a brand or organization looking to drum up some awareness of your product, Buzzfeed is the go-to company!

……..Well at least in this Buzzfeeder’s opinion!