So my friend Graham and I are taking a stroll through the woods to see what kind of shots we can get. We look left and right and we don’t see anything. Of course by instinct we go in deeper cause we gotta find something, right? as we went further in we food this archway made of twigs and vines that in a way reminded me of Bridge to Terebithia. So I took some shots and Graham also took some shots.

I just had to get a closer look at the arch to see if any bit of it was manmade. I analyzed it as much as I could and I also took some shots of it up close and I couldn’t find it. I just couldn’t find anything that would prove it was manmade. Through all the pulling and prodding at it the arch held up very well. After all that Graham and I moved deeper into the woods.

We’d realized we may have gone to far in when we came across this swamp. Now this swap was pretty deep. It had trees growing out of it but you could only see the tip tops where all the leaves sprout out. It was almost time to head back so Graham and I took some shots and started too head back. I think it was pretty worth while going there though.

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