LeBron James’ Attitude and his Future with the Los Angeles Lakers

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Photo by Howard Lawrence B on Unsplash

Ever since LeBron James came back from a groin injury earlier this year, he hasn’t been the same.

As far as statistics and abilities go, he’s still at the top of his craft. James is averaging 27 points, 8 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game this year with the Los Angeles Lakers. But when it comes to the aura around him and the way he acts on the court, James has become a completely different person.

Last year, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were in a similar situation. The team was filled with role players and wouldn’t have been close to the NBA Finals without LeBron. This year James has a chance to take a young group of guys with solid pieces to the NBA Playoffs. Instead, the Lakers find themselves in 10th place in the West with a record of 30–34.

What makes this season any different than LeBron’s previous years shouldering an awful team to the playoffs? It comes down to his attitude.

Some people question him due to his social media posts that feature the star forward drinking wine the night before games or dancing in the mirror after a loss. In reality, his actions and comments on the court show him questioning this season.

For example, LeBron responds to media questions with retorical questions he either wants his teammates or himself to answer.

The media believes he is taking shots at his teammates in this clip, but could he be questioning his own motivations? Either way it’s clear that he is too far in his own head about his situation in Los Angeles, and it grows with every loss.

The biggest issue LeBron and his team are dealing with is the fallout from the Anthony Davis trade talks. Lakers’ executives made it clear they were willing to give up any piece of their franchise in order to get Davis. It is no secret that James runs every franchise he plays for, but to say he’s the only NBA player who does is wrong. Other NBA franchise’s build around their stars.

Magic Johnson’s plan all along has been to sign LeBron in the 2018 offseason, and then go get another superstar in 2019 free agency.

For the Lakers’ franchise, everything is still on the table, but James seems to have curbed his own expectations for this year. He made a decision to protect his interests until he can get more help on the team. It’s very disappointing for his fans and his legacy. Currently, fans are watching “King” James refuse to play defense and simply act like he’s not even there.

With a little over a month left in the 2018–19 NBA season, it seems all but impossible for LeBron James and the Lakers to turn it around and make the playoffs. But if anyone can do it, LeBron can. Nonetheless, if LeBron wants to continue to be revered by everyone, he’ll have to start giving the effort that fans have been so used to seeing over the years.

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