The Luc Longly Express League Weekly Round up

Week 3

With Week three just in the books it’s time to review the week:

Your Winners:

  • Coach Romero and his team the Romero’s
  • Coach S.D.Hash and his team the PICKLE RICK
  • Coach E.Hollow and his team the Huncho Houdinis
  • Coach Bendt and his team the Bonney Lake Ballers
  • Coach Burgen and his team Kek the Frog

Losers of Week Three

  • Coach McDermott and his team the Wentz Wagons
  • Coach R.Hollow and his team the FAKE 54 Bare
  • Coach Inglett and his team the SAG BOYS
  • Coach S.S.Hash and his team the Third Reich
  • Coach McDaniels and his team the Juvinial Konvicts(Not his actual last name just wanted to be anonymous)

Summary and Interviews From Each Head Coach and Their Teams

Coach Romero and His Team The Romeros

With the right coaching comes a great win and Coach Romero shows to be one of the surprisingly better coaches in his first year in the league, with a staggering win over The Wentz Wagons Romero brought out the most productive lineup he had which also made him win the most scored team in the league this week with Stephon Diggs providing the most scored points with 29.

The press conference with Coach Romero tells a proud coach in a joyous moment,

Q1: How did it feel to outscore your opponent who has been known as the best in the league for a while?

A1: “I feel great and dominant as if I can take down anyone else in the league.”

Q2: Who was a dominate factor in your team’s home win over Wentz Wagon and Coach McDermott?

A2: ”Well it all starts off with a strong bench because that what’s starts a strong team. And as I feel my bench is one of the best, my starting line is just as great.”

Q3: Did substitution come into play this week?

A3: “Yeah it was last minute in trusting those who did have a bad week 2.”

Q4: You face Coach Hash and His team PICKLE RICK at home, who just got a comeback win with the power of Ezekiel Elliot, what is your gameplan with your team that is going to get the win and knock off one of the two undefeated teams remaining?

A4: “Well right now given my bench’s ability I am now capable of making solid trades that can boost my team a step further and hopefully over the next 2 weeks become 1 seed in the league.”

Q5: Any words to Coach Hash and his team?

A5: “Watch out cause my team is ready to wreck all those ahead.”

2. Coach McDaniels and his team the Juvenile Konvicts

With a loss to Coach S.D.Hash and his team The PICKLE RICKS, the Konvicts now drop to 0–3 with a close one that came down to the last day, with a great performance with struggling QB Russell Wilson and production from most of his players McDaniel’s team is looking to be taking steps forward in order to win.

The press conference after shows a little bit of disappointment from the coach but he had good comments about his team

Q1: Do you have any response to the close game you had taken away due to Ezekiel Elliot bringing the other team over you to win?

A1: “Umm I saw that and all I can say I wish Elliot was guilty right now.”

Q2: What do you think you couldve done better to lift your team a good lead over Coach S.D. Hash?

A2: “No Comment.”

Q3: The Huncho Houdinis are facing you and they hold the first seed in the league, how are you going to handle them?

A3: “I will win.”

Q4: Anything to say to the opponent going into Week 4?

A4: “I will win.”

3. Coach Bendt and his team The Bonny Lake Ballers

With The Bonney Lake Ballers losing week one it seemed they might’ve hit the Championship Hangover as they won the Championship last year in a nail biter vs Coach McDermott, they started turning it around as they won the next two games against Kek The Frog and FAKE 54 Bare, as they aren’t a high scoring team, they have gotten the job done and are looking to go back to the promise land this year.

The press conference was everything you would expect from a Championship winning Coach.

Q1: You got a winning streak of two now and how did that come to happen?

A1: “Uhh I made the decision to start Randall Cobb and Lynch and Bell had big games.”

Q2: What happened the first two weeks? A loss on week one and a win in week two.

A2: “Last week took an L and then I bounced back, plus Coach Romero got a bogus substitution at the last minute.”

Q3: You are facing next week SAG BOYS who are 1–2, what is the game plan to get the W at home?

A3: “Be better bc we are.”

Q4: Any message you want to give to Coach Inglett going into next week?

A4: “Lol he’s trash.”

4. Coach McDermott and his team The Wentz Wagons

After winning the first championship in the first year and losing a close one in the second, Possibly the best drafting coach in the league Coach McDermott has had great success with the players he’s drafted constantly scoring the most points almost every week, the first two weeks made his team look invincible and possibly go undefeated, this week was not a good showing of what his team is, his best guys had sluggish games like his leading rusher LeSean McCoy who only picked up 9 points a low for a top RB.

The press conference with Coach McDermott showed some disappointment from the veteran coach but also showed some of the bright side.

Q1: Coach McDermott, as your team was a projected winner and favorite to win vs Romero but then got blown out, what went wrong for your team?

A1: “We had some disappointing performances from players across the board that we count on and he had multiple players break out this week.”

Q2: What did you like from the first two weeks from your team?

A2: “I liked the volume of touches our guys were getting. The more targets you get the more chances you have to score points.”

Q3: Your opponent next week is kek the frog, he is 1–2 after his win this week, what is your gameplan to face a team with a winning streak?

A3: “Kek the frog has some quality players, we are just going to go out and play our game. Find matchups we like and exploit them.”

Q4: What is one message you want to say to Coach Burgen and his team?

A4: “I don’t want to waste my time thinking of a message to a rookie coach with a lucky win.”

5. Coach E.Hollow and his team The Huncho Houdinis

With facing good competition and and scoring over 100 points twice within the first three weeks, Coach Hollow has taken the 1st seed after Coach McDermott’s loss to Coach Romero, with players who teams don’t usually draft due to undervalued talent, this year it has seemed to work as the previous years it was rocky, his highest scorer coming from his flex position Brandon Cooks with 29, with a winning streak of three he is one of the only two undefeated teams heading into Week 4.

His press conference was nothing but excitement as he blew out his opponent 105–64.

Q1: Congratulations on the win and taking the first seed in the league, what helped get the success you had today?

A1: “Thank you, the whole team played great, while Stafford had a down game it was down on his standards so he ended with 15, Cooks had a greater game than expected, and Carlos Hyde went off for 24 so overall the team did great on all cylinders.”

Q2: You and Coach S.D.Hash are the only ones left undefeated after Coach McDermott’s brutal loss to Coach Romero,what do you say about McDermott and his team losing so big?

A2: “Well I see Coach McDermott as a posh stuck up bitch, so getting to see a loss is great, while he is this, he is a great drafter and picks up good value that some may consider unusual, so credit to him on that part, his team had a off week and that is about it.”

Q3: Is your team the better team over the other undefeated team PICKLE RICK?

A3: “While Coach S.D.Hash has made a great team some of his great players have been inconsistent, he did have to rely on Elliot to pull him out of the grave against a 0–2 team so i have no fear he wont be undefeated long.”

Q4: You Face a 0–3 team in The Juvenile Konvickts, what is your game plan?

A4: “Make the adjustments, and clutch the win.”

Q5: Anything to say to the coach?

A5: “Before the season began i made a trade to get Christian McCafferey and Jay Cutler for TY Hilton and Mitch Trubisky, he had mocked me for weeks for the trade saying he stole from me but TY has been sluggish due to no Luck so i think i won, also you are gonna be 0–4 by Monday.”

6. Coach R.Hollow and His Team The FAKE 54 Bare

3 year head Coach R.Hollow has always been in the middle of the pack, to good to be last but not good enough to be in the race for a championship, this year he and his team have been last due to a injured Andrew Luck, he is dead last in standings and it doesn't seem to get better for him.

The press conference after the week three loss had a outraged Coach who kept every answer to no comment so there is no need to have the interview on here, the question is can he rebound and be a playoff team even with the conferences now especially since he is in the winningest conference.

7. Coach S.S.Hash and His Team The Third Reich

After being dead last year, his team and his adjustments are revived and have gotten a 2–1 record and is better than half of the league, with the tactic he dubs “Blitzkrieg” he scores points fast and often and often finds how many points he has before Monday, this year might be different for him and we might get a play off appearance from him.

The press conference was kind of a head scratch.

Q1: The loss was tough but kind of expected from the second seed in the west, what went wrong out there?

A1: “Wir haben vielleicht das Spiel verloren, aber wir haben den Krieg nicht verloren, während wir einen objektiven Punkt verlieren, wir haben immer noch auf Frankreich aufmerksam gemacht.”

Q2: What?

A2: “Wir werden uns niemals ergeben!”

8. Coach Burgen and His Team Kek The Frog

Being a new franchise in a league is hard, with Coach Burgen it seems he is handling it better than most, going 1–2 with a great win over another new franchise The SAG Boys, Kek The Frog will have to push hard to get to the playoffs with the most skilled conference in the league.

In the press conference we find out a shocking truth.

Q1: Congratulations for the win over The SAG Boys, what helped you get your first win

A1: “Your Mom.”

Q2: Okay what is the real reason you are winning?

A2: “Well i don’t run the team Kek The Frog does, all hail Kek, wubba lubba dub dub!”

Q3: Got anything to say to Coach McDermott?

A3: “He’s a brick.”

9. Coach S.D.Hash and his team PICKLE RICK

Perhaps one of the biggest names in coaches after going undefeated in the first season in the league but losing the championship game to Coach McDermott, took a break from the league last year and comes back for redemption drafting some of his older team like Brady and Gronkowski and so far he is undefeated as we head into week four, will this be the year Coach S.D.Hash gets a trophy?

The Interview has a proud coach of his team

Q1: Congratulations on taking the second seed in the league, who helped with this win this week?

A1: “Well Brady has had his best game yet since the beginning of the year with 5 TD so that boosted me up as well as Gronks catches and yardage.”

Q2: You go undefeated and then lose in the championship the first year, take a year off, then come back and continue your winning ways by going undefeated, will this last?

A2: “Well I hope it does, McDermott got some bullshit on me in the championship game and I came back to win a ring, not play mediocre ball.”

Q3: You face your brother and his team The Third Reich next week, he is playing decent so how are you going to get the win over him?

A3: “My Goal is to do what I have been doing for a while and that is winning.”

Q4: Anything you want to say to your brother before the match?

A4: “Blitzkriegs are ineffective.”

10. Coach Inglett and His Team The SAG BOYS

New Franchise, new coach, and decent success is what sums up The SAG BOYS, there are good players and has a good record of 2–1 while is finding his footing in the league.

Coach Inglett had called off the press conference due to the fact he thought I was trying to make a trade with him.

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