A letter from deployment


I’m writing this on the plane; by the time you receive this letter, I will already have arrived in Afghanistan. Before long I’ll be back in the military routine, waking up early, eating mediocre food, dealing with irrationally stubborn people, and generally living the dream. No more sleeping in until 10:00 AM, playing Halo all day, and spending time with you into the dark hours of the night. Sigh.

I’m confident that your LSAT testing is only improving in the coming weeks, and when that you’ll get one of your top choices when all is said and done. I want you to know that the memories of the time I spent with you will be at the forefront of my mind, as I move forward into this deployment. You may not have realized it, but you’ve given me much to consider.

My address in Afghanistan will be the following;

1LT Conrad Hollomon
HHC 1–181 IN
Camp Phoenix

Please know that my thoughts are with you. Enclosed is a bag of Icelandic candy. If you’re going to send any care packages, don’t send cookies or candy because that stuff is everywhere around here. Instead, send some of those obscure “Asian” snacks that they sell at the Super 88 markets, like Pocky, or those shrimp-flavored potato chips that they say are made of shrimp, but are actually made of sawdust.

Actually, you can send gummy bears, I love those.

Yours truly,

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. — Lao Tzu

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