Best Photos Assignment— Hollon Beasley

I took this photo during my yoga teacher training at the Haleakala crater in Paia, Maui HI. Anjali mudra is a traditional yoga hand gesture with the palms touching used for the opening and closing of a class. The term mudra means to “seal” also to connect the mind, body, and spirit. I chose this because J’nae connects with the beautiful crater sunrise with the anjali mudra. & the colors are unedited and gorgeous.
My sister Erin is getting married in October and this was taken at her bachelorette weekend in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. I picked this photo because unedited, her joy is apparent and the lighting is perfect for this time of day.
This was at my teacher training on Baldwin Beach in Maui. This photo is of one of the girls in my program and I love it because the branches and her body blend in. I edited this to black and white to make it blend even more.