Daily Interactions: 10.25.17

6:01am– Sleep. I lay in bed deciding whether to run or not.

6:50am– Shoes. I’m walking out the door to run.

8:23am– The 90s. I’m wearing my Levi’s and a jean jacket around my waist and feeling like I’m on my way to a Full House audition.

9:15am– Excel. It is my very worst enemy. I work on it until

4:56pm– My brain is imploding.

6:24pm– Bougie grocery store. Cashews were $15.

8:23pm– Best friends. We sit and talk over margaritas and talk about boundaries in realtionships and what personal stories we’ve gotten the most mileage out of. Mine was losing my passpost in Brussels and convincing Costas from security mail it to me in Prague.

10pm– Van Llewens. Vegan ice cream run to finish off our time in the West Village.

10:34pm– A Train. It decides to make local stops all the way home.

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