Daily Interactions: 9/26/17

7:20am– My makeup. Every piece seems to be in crumbly pieces which I smash into smaller pieces to obtain full powder status.

7:38am– Joseph on the train. He joked about trying to start a spelling bee with the people on our morning commute, and I love that image so much.

8:20am– Empty Office. Small moment of peace before the day.

9:00am until 2:00pm– Here is what my time looked like during those hours: — — — — — — — — — — -snack — — — — — lunch — — -try to answer the 1000th question I kind of know the answer to but not totally — — snack.

2:15pm– Irving Farm Barista. I decide to get a cappuchino and walk outside to, you know, see the sun and stuff. Someone tries to cut me in line. I scoff and immidiately prejudge him as someone who has said terrible things to women or is covering up his own insider trading crimes. Then, he sees me and steps aside saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry, were you before me?” That bastard, I thought as I resumed my place in line.

4:45pm– Fresh video cut. I watch a video that development is working on with one of my favorite SNL members. I’m crying, alone, tears of laughter. This is why videos are meant to be shared and watched with other people.

6:55pm– Gym membership. I have a membership that allows me to go to my gym in any location around the city. However, I only ever go to the one in Harlem. I can downgrade so that my membership will only be for the Harlem gym for less money. But there’s something about taking away the option of going to any location that I want to go to that seems particularly imprisoning.

8:00pm– Flounder. Joseph made it.

9:05pm– Pictures. Should be pursuing productivity, but I’m looking through my phone at old pictures. Not productive, but positively nostalgic.

10:00pm– Bed. Where I sit now and where I would stay forever if not for extracurricular activities like having family, friends, work, nature, food, etc.

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