Where will influencer marketing be in 5 years?

Holly Cardew
Aug 25 · 5 min read

“Influencers know they are a creative director, model, photographer, location scout, and project manager all in one — and brands are saving big money leveraging influencers for both content creation and as an advertising channel,” says Danielle Lewis, CEO & Co-founder at scrunch.com.

A growing backlash against influencers

The rise of the micro-influencer

“Tech exists now so you can assess an influencer’s audience before you even bother reaching out to them. If you are not targeting and not optimizing your influencer campaigns, then you are not doing them effectively,” she says. “It’s 2019, you can absolutely measure ROI!”

What about the influencers?

image from GaryPepperGirl.com

Will influencer marketing be around in five years?

“It’s definitely going to be around in 5 years time; they are predicting it will be a $10 billion market in the next 24 months. Because it is inherently social (most of it is on social media), the way we consume it may change — what will the next Instagram be? — however, it will still be around!” she says.

Holly Cardew

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An entrepreneur and startup founder who loves eCommerce, the future of work, design, food, and travelling. Currently growing pixc.com

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