NEWS FLASH: Hillary Clinton Is Actually a Really Good Person

I am proud to say I’m voting for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. I’ve heard people say they hate Secretary Clinton, or don’t trust her, but no one can provide me with any legitimate, factual reason as to why. While there’s nothing to substantiate any of the false narratives coming from the Trump campaign, I can easily provide legitimate, factual reasons (with links for proof) why I know that, not only will Hillary Clinton will make a great President, she is truly a good person. If you aren’t a fan of Hillary Clinton (or even if you are), I ask you to take a moment to open your mind to a few things you may not have been aware of.

Hillary’s good deeds began long before she was ever in politics. After graduating Yale law school, Hillary Rodham turned down offers from big law firms to work for the Children’s Defense Fund.

In Arkansas, before marrying Bill, she ran a legal aid clinic for those too poor to obtain legal counsel, helped found the first Rape Crisis Center and hotline, and published numerous articles on child abuse and neglect, which was her focus as an attorney. (
 She also worked on the congressional committee that investigated the Watergate scandals. (

In 1977, President Carter appointed Hillary Rodham to the board of Legal Services, which provided legal aid for the underprivileged. (

As First Lady, she worked with Republicans and Democrats to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now serves more than 8 million children. Senator Ted Kennedy said that “if not for Hillary, the Children’s Health Insurance Program wouldn’t be in existence today.” (

She worked tirelessly on an adoption bill with Republican Tom DeLay, to ensure that children with special needs could be adopted into loving homes. (

She took Chelsea with her to visit women in Africa and Asia, to understand their plight and needs. In 1995 she was heavily criticized (big surprise) for joining the United Nation’s conference on women’s rights. She was the only First Lady ever to have done so. (

In 1999, in the wake of the Jewish Community Center shooting in CA, in which two of my friends’ children were shot by a neo-nazi, Hillary Clinton showed up to comfort the families — without any press or fanfare. She spent time reading the children books, while they recuperated in their hospital beds. And months later, in 2000, she marched with these families and almost a million Americans against gun violence in the Million Mom March on DC.

As a New York Senator, after 9/11, she spent time visiting victims in the hospital, listening to the workers’ and first responders’ needs. She and Senator Chuck Schumer obtained $21 billion for New York City in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. She took a leading role in investigating the health issues faced by 9/11 first responders, getting funding for victims and ultimately passing the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. ( She has been a huge advocate for children in foster care, which is an especially important issue for me. (

As Secretary of State, Clinton brokered sanctions against Iran when they were threatening to make nuclear weapons: (
 She spoke out for victims of human trafficking, and used her voice to raise awareness and call for action: (

She has consistently advocated for LGBT rights both in America as a Senator and around the world as Secretary of State. (
 And let’s not forget who was in the situation room right by President Obama’s side when we took Bin Laden out.

In spite of the rhetoric, Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact confirms Hillary Clinton has been the most honest politician in the Presidential race this year. (They also found Trump’s statements to be true only 3% of the time) (

She has given 2 billion to aid charities around the world through the Clinton Foundation, which, amongst other things, helps AIDS/HIV sufferers around the world get cheaper, better medicine, and works on global health issues, economic inequality, childhood obesity, and climate change.

At the DNC, I was not surprised by the people who stood on stage to say that Hillary has always been there for them. 9/11 victims, grieving parents who had lost children to gun violence, disabled citizens, former foster children…all who said how Hillary has inspired them, and fought for them. How she has never forgotten them, even years later. This was also what I witnessed last June when I watched her encounter the Stepakoff family, 16 years after the Jewish Community Center shooting. She threw her arms open and embraced them like old friends. She had never forgotten them, and never stopped fighting for them.

Because of my work in gun violence prevention, I was fortunate to meet Secretary Clinton that day in June, along with my friends who are also gun violence survivors. It was backstage at an event, without any press, and she was warm and lovely and kind. Although she had three events to speak at that day, and outside hundreds were chanting her name waiting for her to speak, she took her time with each of us, and listened to what we had to say. She was quick to hug us, and thank us for our work. She was soft and kind, and genuinely warm. I think I’m a pretty good judge of character and I’ll tell you this, Hillary Clinton is the real deal.

I don’t have to rely on any false narratives to prove why Hillary is my choice. Her record speaks for itself. She’s always been for us, and that’s why #ImWithHer.

Having experienced gun violence in her own family, Hollye Dexter is a dedicated advocate for gun reform, and serves on the Board of Directors of Women Against Gun Violence. Through her nonprofit Art and Soul Programs, she worked for a decade with at-risk teens, keeping them off the streets and involved in arts programs. She is also an author (Fire Season, Dancing at the Shame Prom) and has had many articles published on the subject of gun violence.