5 Issues With “Wonder Woman”
Jordan Sewell

Not every woman or man’s frame holds muscle the same way. Gal Gadot is as ripped as she can be for her frame. Those are not heels. The Boots you see are a combination of Grecian style sandals, with greaves for leg armor. In the comic they are heels most of the time. I thought this was phenomenal!

Here armor is in the style of her culture (Grecian/ spartan predominately) The Amazons live in a place that is sunny or at least temperate; year round via the magic of the Gods. No woman in her right or left mind is going to wear more than they need for their climate. Finally she is a Goddess, cold most likely does not bother her as much. You did see her fly , thrown force waves, and throw back lightening? Also cut Gal some slack it could not have been easy doing the scenes while pregnant, which also changes a woman’s body. See Ancient Grecian Armor here. https://tinyurl.com/yd3o8ajz

The Greeks wore their armor for mobility and the environment they lived and fought in. You saw her reaction to Snow. Diana had never seen it before!

Please support the Fact that this movie is a phenomena and honor the FEMALE Directors work. It is out pacing all of the DC male movies to date.

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