The Future of Media

Smartphones, 3D televisions, Google glasses.. we live in an era of technology. People depend on their phones to navigate, to connect with people, and to gain confidence and recognition. And this technology obsessed culture is only growing.

If you’ve seen Black Mirror, you have an idea of the drastic outcomes that could come out of our love for technology. Black Mirror may be a little out there, but we are headed down a dark path of reliability.

We dream of a day when we can watch our favourite shows and Youtube clips without watching an ad first. But with everything moving online, I think companies will rely more on online advertising. Perhaps advertising will become more subtle and soon we’ll be watching ads instead of our favourite shows, and we may not even know it. Say hello to native advertising.

Soon there won’t be newspapers and magazines in the airports and at the corner store. You’ll have to find a hidden hipster cafe to find such novelties of printed paper.

But just as record players are becoming the next cool thing, maybe newspapers and printed ads in printed magazines will make a comeback. Hold on hipsters, you’re world is about to change.