The key to a better relationship? Hormone-free birth control.

Many words have been written on the best ways to bring about a better relationship, a better marriage, a better sex life, but what if, for many of us, there’s actually a simple one-step solution? Ditch the Pill!

In a recent survey we at Daysy conducted on the topic of birth control and romantic relationships, women shared some very interesting insights into how their choice of contraception has impacted their lives.

Here are some of the highlights from the results of our survey.

71% of women believe the birth control pill has had a negative impact on their romantic relationships


72% shared that ditching the Pill and choosing a hormone-free contraceptive method has changed their current relationship for the better

Many studies have shown that the Pill can skew our pheromones enough that we end up with more Mr Wrongs than Mr Rights. It’s also now common knowledge that the Pill can do major damage to a woman’s sex drive and enjoyment of sex.

In our survey, many women mentioned that sharing the responsibility of preventing pregnancy with their partner was an important factor in a good relationship. They also made note of the increased communication about all things sex-related that using natural birth control brings. It makes sense — hormone-free birth control can help nurture honesty and openess between two people and provoke some vital, as well as sexy, conversations!

So, more about those Pill side effects.

92% of women said they had experienced unwanted physical, psychological or sexual side effects from using the Pill

83% said would never choose to use a hormone-based birth control method again

87% admitted that side effects and a concern for their own health caused them to choose a hormone-free method for pregnancy prevention

78% of women shared that they chose fertility monitor Daysy specifically to achieve a healthier lifestyle

We’re sad to hear so many women have had to suffer through the side effects of hormone-based birth control methods, often for years on end, before finding an effective hormone-free alternative. But we’re glad that when they do find that alternative that it’s great enough that they never feel compelled to go back on the Pill again.

For more and more women, choosing natural birth control is part of a wider desire to create a healthier lifestyle. If you’re eating organic fruit and veg, avoiding hormones in your meat, and choosing organic beauty products and cosmetics, it’s inevitable that eventually you’ll want your contraception to fit your way of life. Over time, it may even become more obvious that the Pill is holding you back when it comes to your health and well-being.

Coming off the Pill and tracking the body’s natural cycles has become a gateway to embracing other healthy lifestyle trends. We discover that listening to the feedback our body provides and analyzing the data makes us more health-conscious and vigilant about our other choices. We might then be more likely to adopt healthier habits when it comes to our diet, exercise regime, the products we use, our sleep patterns, and stress management. In much the same way many of us use a Fitbit to track calories and miles run, and then adjust behavior accordingly, we are using technology to manage our fertility.

Our survey revealed that the majority of women would not be keen on their partner using a male birth control pill, when they finally get around to creating that! We often hear that the male Pill would be a victory for women, but these numbers don’t reflect that feeling.

42% said they would not want their partner to use a male Pill

36% said they would consider it, but they would need to know the side effects

Here at Daysy we always like to say that the only side effect of using a fertility monitor is a better sex life. And, it seems we’re right about that! It looks like a) not using hormonal birth control and b) using a hormone-free birth control method that is simple, easy, hassle-free, stress-free, and super effective is a great way to get a better sex life. We know women want the convenience of the Pill and worry-free sex, but without the side effects — that’s why we made Daysy.

73% of women revealed that using Daysy had a positive impact on their sex life

(24% said natural family planning/fertility awareness had this same affect)

Over 80% said, as a result of changing contraceptives, that they:

enjoy sex more

want sex more often

are more open about their desires with their partner

talk about sex more openly with their partner

feel more adventurous in the bedroom

The majority of women surveyed said they enjoy and want sex more frequently as a result of their choice of hormone-free birth control. We’re calling it the second sexual revolution!

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