Celebrities Endorsements of Candidates

The past election cycle has been extremely polarizing and extremely public. The candidates themselves and their celebrity endorsers have taken to Twitter (and other social media platforms) to comment on the election and declare their loyalties.

At this point in the election our big candidates are Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.

Each of these candidates has a healthy online presence as part of his or her campaign. Each boasts an active Twitter profile.

Sanders’ Twitter page, like his campaign, focuses on crowd sourcing and the impact of individual people.
Clinton’s Twitter mainly serves as a platform to pose the Democratic candidate as Trump’s adversary.
Cruz’ Twitter mainly involved a lot of retweeted graphics and quoted “Thank You” tweets to fans.
Trump’s Twitter contains more persuasive, lofty promises.

This election more than ever the candidates seem to be putting a significant amount of time into social media. All elections have significant media coverage, but the sheer number of potential media and the high-stakes, highly-polar nature of this specific election seems to have more and more people taking to the screens to voice their opinions. Many celebrities have stepped forward to endorse (or denounce) the above candidates.

Killer Mike, a rapper and activist, has publicly endorsed Bernie Sanders many times over.

Sarah Silverman, a onetime Clinton supporter, has lit the flame and is feeling the Bern.

Lil B, another rapper, also endorses Bernie Sanders. The two rappers praise Sanders as the best candidate in terms of supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign and generally supporting black people in America.

Hilary Clinton has amassed some A-list celebrity supporters. From Britney Spears to John Legend to JLo to Snoop Dogg, Clinton holds many large endorsements from celebrities. Even Beyonce has shown support for Clinton.

Broad City stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are big supporters of Hilary Clinton, and even included a recent cameo of Clinton in their Comedy Central show.

Kimye also took to Twitter to back Clinton, with a selfie included.

Ted Cruz seems to have drastically fewer celebrity endorsements than our other front runners, but he does have some. Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, helped the Cruz campaign to make an ad out of his endorsement of the Texas senator.

Donald Trump, always a divisive candidate, has a number of celebrity endorsers, but also has garnered an extremely vocal group of celebrity denouncers.

Trump has gained the support of Sarah Palin, Tila Tequila, Mike Tyson, as well as some other odd-ball right wing celebrities (?).

Other celebrities have been quite vocal in speaking out against Donald Trump’s potential nomination as the GOP candidate.

Celebrities have denounced Trump as racists against blacks and Mexicans.

Mac Miller, a rapper who wrote a song titled “Donald Trump” in 2011, has recently spoken out against Trump on Twitter and on The Nightly Show. Miller brought more claims against Trump as a racist.

Mitt Romney, previous presidential candidate, very publicly condemned Trump.

When Lady Gaga was asked if she supported Trump, she simply laughed.


Across a number of platforms, many celebrities have spoken up during this election cycle. It’s hard to determine whether celebrities/public figures have always spoken out about their presidential loyalties and have lacked the immediate publicity of social media or if the ease of social media has led to more endorsements by celebrities. What is exceedingly clear is that many celebrities feel that it is their place to speak out about their opinions on the presidential election. The impact of these social media based non-binding-yet-simultaneously-permanent endorsements is yet to be seen. Oprah Winfrey endorsed Barack Obama in 2008. Winfrey had never publicly endorsed a candidate before endorsing Obama. Her support is said to have had a significant effect on the course of the election. What effects these other endorsements have is yet to be seen. But such public and frequent endorsements of candidates may shape this campaign and many campaigns to come.