Why I Cook
Andrew Weil, M.D.

I love to eat of course, but more than that, I love the sight of all the beautiful ingredients. Cooking is a creative outlet that has an almost immediate reward. I seldom use recipes but when I do, I look for ways to make it my own. I was most happy as a cook when I had a teenaged son: I could cook, bake and never gain weight since he ate most of everything!

One of my friends loved volunteering at an Aids Hospice . She could cook big, rich dishes that are no longer in vogue ( for good reason ) and not have to worry about the calories. I teach exercise every day but still have to be aware of what I eat, both for energy and long term health. Even though I am usually cooking for myself, I make enough to share. Lately the apples are ripe so it’s been dried fruit and apple pies.

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