The Politics of Truth/Facts
Matt Huber

I thought this was a super-important & timely piece. I wondered, though, about this:

“The majority of Americans (60%) don’t have a college degree. Frankly, most of these people don’t give a shit about the politics of truth. Most of them are too busy trying to eke out a living to worry about rigor and standards of evidence. Their lives are shaped by the material here and now; questions of scientific facts are not much of a concern.”

I’ve been talking to people in the rural U.S. from various backgrounds in my fieldwork, and a lot of people seem really interested in / concerned with scientific facts / the politics of truth (albeit sometimes with different understandings of how science works, or fails to work). It seems like there might be some empirically testable ideas in here! Someone better read in STS than I has probably studied it…

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