A storm in a B-cup.

‘Holly got new jugs’ [Facebook/Susan Harding]

On Sunday afternoon, I was enjoying some live music and a few beers at Colchester’s Big Sunday event.

A friend of mine, Sue, bought me a pint and took the photo, with the description ‘Holly got new jugs’.

I love that there are two meanings to this picture. It could be seen as a reference to my previous post; when I confirmed my love of a pint.

Now, I had also ordered some new silicone breast forms, which a few of my closer friends knew about (I didn't put anything online about it at the time) — so they liked the picture for that reason.

Incidentally, the new boobs arrived the following afternoon. Now, being incredibly candid, I was probably a little more excited than I should have been about the new ‘additions’ — but with good reason — just like the new wig I bought last month, I see them as another piece of the puzzle to make me look, and feel, like the woman I am.

The new breasts in place [Holly-Jane Scarrott]

At first, they felt really weird. Before, I was using socks to pad out a bra, which gave some shape, but they didn't quite look right. But with the breast forms in place, they felt real — they move and jiggle as I walk, and they have a fair bit of weight to them. And, my clothes just fit better, and I have a more feminine shape to my whole body. And it feels so damn good!

I would like to express a huge thank-you to all of my friends who read, and reacted to my previous post, ‘Hello. I'm Holly-Jane.’

Your kind words of support since I have come out have been so overwhelming, and I am so grateful to you all. I will continue with this blog, so that I can share my personal story with you; and so that, from a personal level, I can look back on how I have become the woman I am now.

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