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Making Money — You Can’t Find Money Until You Stop Looking

Stop treating money as something you have to find and start treating it as something you already have — because you do

Holly Kellums
6 min readApr 7, 2021
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Have you ever noticed that you cannot find things when you are actively looking for them? In these times, it seems as though the more we need to find something, the more elusive it becomes.

You risk running late for an all-important meeting that you have been looking forward to for months. You had all your ducks in a row, but somehow, your keys have magically disappeared. The more you look, the more you can’t find and the more puzzled you become.

It makes absolutely no sense. You remember bringing the keys in, so they have to be there. But you have looked everywhere.

You keep looking, turning over things, looking inside things and behind things. Maybe the cat knocked them in a crack somewhere. Or maybe, they fell inside a not yet unpacked shopping bag. Oh, shit. You hope they didn’t fall into that bag that got taken out with the trash.

The trash man already came! Shit. Shit. Shit.

Then, even more, resistant thoughts come.

I am going to miss my meeting. I will never make it on time now, and if I show up late, I will have missed my long-awaited opportunity. I am failing at life. This is it, I ruined everything…

You know the rest.

If you are unaware of your thoughts, you may go with these and not find your keys. But, if you are aware, it only takes a few moments for you to choose to shift your thinking.

Holly, you are being reactive and resistant. You will never find your keys as long as you have the attitude of lost. They are here somewhere, and you will find them. All is well if you do, and all is well if you don’t. No one dies, the earth is still spinning, and you are doing fine. Just calm down. Woosah. You got this. It happens to everyone. You are doing great. All is well.

Or whatever your self-talk sounds like…



Holly Kellums

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