Growing up, I never wanted to be a designer. Don’t get me wrong — I love Design. But I can still remember how anxious and confused I felt when I was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” as a child. I continued to be perplexed by this question into early adulthood. How could anyone know what they wanted to do with their lives when there are so many things to choose from?

From a young age I loved creating things. I used so much of the craft resources in my primary school that my my…

In many ways, remote working felt like a dream come true. Instead of propelling myself out the door before 8am to be confronted with a strangers armpit on an overflowing, dirty tube, I had an abundance of my favourite snacks within arms reach, my comfiest trousers and a seemingly easier scenario for sustaining a healthy work/life balance.

But when I was working on my most recent project, Voodie, something confronting happened when it came to the ideation phase in our project. Even though I was a part of a five person team, I suddenly felt quite alone.

This point…

As the platitude goes, almost everything around us is designed. All you have to do is look! This means that design has great influence on the environment of human beings and therefore, overall wellbeing. While it is easy to neglect this responsibility, I endeavour to make our environment and our world better through design. To uphold this principle, there are four things I ask myself before starting a new project.

1. Will you ever have to use dark patterns at this company?

We’ve all, knowingly or unknowingly, experienced dark patterns. Maybe you’re still paying for that subscription you cannot work out how to cancel. Maybe you are receiving an influx of emails…

When I started my course at Flatiron Design School, I did not envision myself attempting to enter the job market during a global pandemic. But there I was, several months later, baking banana bread, taking up obscure indoor exercises regimes and trying to enter the world of UX/UI design. The situation came with unique hurdles but also unexpected opportunities to learn. I want to share the most important things that I have learnt from this process, with the hope it will help other people starting their journey, like me.

  1. When you are feeling your least capable, that is when you…

Holly Lancefield

Holly Lancefield is a London Based Product Designer, driven to bring users clarity, both visually and experientially.

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