Can you provide a couple of links from neutral ground and somewhat reputable sources? Thanks.
Graham Anderson

David, I was going to ask for links as well, so thank you Graham for doing that. I also will take some time to peruse these. I’m pretty lefty, but as a Bernie veteran I also know that the establishment Dems can get as nasty as anyone.

But re fascism, it’s impossible to excuse the Trump administration’s disregard for the dangers of authoritarianism. The Erdogan incident is very, very, very troubling to me. This should be a major international incident; Trump should already have condemned it in the strongest terms and probably ejected the entire Turkish delegation until Erdogan apologizes.

I also think the Russia hysteria is overblown, but (without having read the source material you’ve provided yet) it looks to me like the Obamaites’ concerns were at least somewhat merited, if not their tactics. Will have to come to my own conclusions.

It looks to me like the Trump administration would have drowned itself anyway, and the Dems’ interference has possibly just muddied the waters.