Mr Lessig, you’re about as partisan as they come, and I’m pretty sure, really really WANT Mr Trump…
David Cearley

David, I’ve looked at the sources. Heat Street and PJ Media are right-wing sites so I didn’t bother with them, just as you would have every right not to pay attention to junk like ShareBlue or Daily News Bin or whatever.

Your recommending them makes me suspicious at the get-go. Graham asked for neutral sources.

I did read both the NYT pieces — not that NYT is always “neutral” either; but one of them, note, was an op-ed, not a news piece — and I didn’t disagree with much. Goldberg is right: reputations are being destroyed. Re impeachment, there are voices on the Dem side actively trying to put the brakes on, including most notably Nancy Pelosi. I don’t think there is enough evidence regarding Russia or even obstruction of justice to impeach, at least not yet. But as someone who thinks Trump was impeachable on day one because of emoluments clause violations — not a partisan approach, but an originalist reading of the Constitution — I frankly am frustrated by the hesitation. (I’ve written about impeachment here on Medium.) So I respectfully disagree with your evidence.

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