Day 16: We must embrace the tool of impeachment

We can only count on ourselves.

Here we are, once again, in crisis. Or, rather, heightened crisis. But this feels like clear(er) and (even more present) danger. Trump is endangering American lives, foreign lives, other countries.

It is such a genuine crisis that it seems unbelievable that the Republican congress won’t finally admit the danger we’re in, that Trump could stay president one more day without facing impeachment hearings. The rest of us are out here thinking surely this is it. It’s almost over now.

Probably not. (Update: still probably not, but see end of post, the sh*tstorm just will not stop)

Last night, when the news broke of Trump’s giving ultra-classified intel to RUSSIANS, many thought so. And yet, less than 24 hours later, the outrage is already beginning to be muted. The calls for impeachment so far — from Congress, that is, not the people — are a meek little cry rather than a roar drowning out all else, as it should.

Remember that it took years for Nixon to be threatened with impeachment. He was literally reelected while Watergate was happening.

We are the constituents. We need to keep saying it and saying it and shouting it until everyone is listening.

It’s astonishing to think that Trump could actually survive until 2018; but if he does, all our work now will mean we can flip the House and then, the moment it’s in session, impeachment proceedings begin.

Impeachment doesn’t feel normal. But we have to normalize it. We have to make the word and concept feel logical and inevitable to all the people who still instinctively shy away from it as extreme, crazy, not our business, premature (!!!!).

Evidence: watch this clip from Nancy Pelosi’s Town Hall last night.

This is an astonishing segment, filled with ludicrous arguments.

“What are the facts”? Open an investigation. “What are the rules he might have violated”? They’re right there in the Constitution. “We only have hearsay”? No, we have his tweets. Impeachment “won’t bridge the divide with the Republicans”? If the Republicans want to keep a dangerous president in power — and I am confident fewer and fewer of them do — that divide can stay.

Impeachment of a President who has undermined the Constitution and daily puts his own country and citizens at risk is not partisan. It’s patriotic.

Finally, “the American people need some stability”? Yes, we do. We’re not getting it with Trump. Pelosi’s objections are all laughable.

It’s truer than ever that Congress doesn’t lead; it follows.

I have to try to put aside my outrage and incredulity about that and just keep going. Because here’s the most important takeaway from Pelosi: she acknowledges that some reps are calling for impeachment “because it’s a reflection of what they’re hearing in their own constituencies.”

Let me emphasize that. Very recently, Pelosi was telling her members to stay away from the word “impeachment” at all costs (something I heard from a congressional staffer). But now, she lets in a tiny bit of light. It’s not nearly enough, but it’s something. We are the constituents. We need to keep saying it and saying it and shouting it until everyone is listening.

The desire to jam their agenda through (Republicans), to not take any political risks (Democrats), and for normalcy (all of us) is so strong that even an incident as glaringly awful and obvious as Trump sharing intel with an enemy is not going to be the last straw.

Who knows what will be. It doesn’t matter. The fact that it’s not working (it being sense, patriotism) doesn’t mean it never will. Keep working for impeachment. Start a resolution in your town. Tell everyone you know that Trump is impeachable now. Explain how impeachment is not partisan. You’d be surprised how many people are surprised to hear the evidence.

The towns and cities that have already passed a resolution? Alameda, CA; Berkeley, CA; Richmond, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Cambridge, MA; Leverett, MA; Pelham, MA; Amherst, MA; Charlotte, VT. In process — and these are just off the top of my head: Brookline, Newton, Needham, Wellesley, and Boston, MA.

Yes, a lot of blue states. So spread the resolution movement to the purple states, and then the red. You’re not crazy; this is not normal; impeachment is the tool we have been given for exactly this scenario. Drown out the cowardice and caution with our voices.

There is a clear and present danger.

UPDATE — wait, there’s more (just as I was getting ready to post): Comey memo contains clear evidence of Trump’s attempted obstruction of justice in Flynn investigation. Holler to the heavens. If it speeds things up, great. But don’t count on it. We can only count on ourselves.