Organizational Shadow Worksheet

Shadow work is one of the most transformational psychology methods available. It enriches creative work, relationships, community, and career life. It’s also frankly thrilling, the way any contact with danger is.

If you see the appeal of bad boys like I did when I fell in love with Cry-baby for the first time, you probably understand why bringing your own delinquent self fragments back home is positively thrilling.

It works by unlocking psychological and even physiological energy that you yourself ferretted away, at some point, in dark recesses of your unconscious during the perfectly normal process of repression. This short exercise may help you reflect on the shadow of your organization or community, for the purposes of welcoming these energies back home into the body of the group.

Questions for Group Shadow Integration

A. What are my team’s, my organization’s ideals? What do we strive to be like? (Clue: this is often contained in how we hope to be seen by others, and which aspects of ourselves we present to the world).

B. What are the implied “opposites” of those ideals? For example, if you said, we are strive to be “dynamic” and “full of energy!” your shadow could be “static” and “lethargic”.

C. How do I feel about each of those opposites? How would I react if someone told me that I or my team did something that expressed those opposites. In the above example, how would I feel if someone told me that they see me as “lethargic”?

D. What about those “opposite” qualities make them so unappealing and unwanted? What do you fear might happen if you allowed them to exist inside yourself, your team or organization?

E. When you consider that if not invited to give a blessing, shadow material will give you a curse instead, what potential blessing could you have from this currently unwanted quality?

F. Are you willing to allow your unwanted opposite a seat at the table? What would it take for you to feel more comfortable with this side of yourself/team/organization? How might you go about getting that?


Thanks for reading! If you want to share your answers or experience with this exercise, please feel very welcome: