Follow Your Bliss

View of the back of Grace Cathedral

“Follow Your Bliss” was tonight’s theme of Yoga on the Labyrinth, which seemed very fitting for me personally a week after the theme had been “Falling Apart.” Last week’s class took place the day after I made the hard decision to leave my job, and I almost found it entertaining that the class knew what had happened in my life. It amazes me how spiritual and “meant to be” yoga is sometimes. Overall I’ve had a positive outlook on no longer having my job anyway.

From the outside: healthy startup, casual hours, as long as you do the work, you’re fine, younger culture

On the inside: unrealistic requests, no Accounting or HR department, manic CEO, unrealistic requests (just realized I wrote this twice, it must have been true!), no trust in upper management

Moving along with the trends of tonight’s yoga class, I’ve been trying to be more present and really focus during these classes. I loved that the instructor asked hundreds of people in Grace Cathedral to think about what caused them “true bliss” as a child — whether it be swinging on the swings or spinning around in circles till you’re dizzy. I thought to when I would spend hours in my dad’s pool just doing endless amount of flips and making up dance routines under water. The instructor then asked the class, “How would your life and decisions be different now if you didn’t live in fear and if you followed your heart to find true bliss?” I really loved that — it just goes to show that you should listen to your thoughts and your gut and really strive to do something if you want to, assuming you’re not in danger. Moving to a new city a year ago, caused me to have some unnecessary thoughts about strangers on the street and not always feeling safe, but I’m learning and practicing regularly to always be aware in public and continue to do my daily routines without being overly nervous and scared.

This week will be all about figuring out what I want my next adventure/job to be and following cues on how to get there. With that being said, one thing I’ve been focusing on recently is sending more snail mail because I feel like it’s dying off and there’s nothing better than finding a pleasant surprise in your mailbox mixed in with too many bills and junk mail. Coincidentally enough, I came home from yoga tonight with one of the best cards I’ve ever seen addressed to me.

The proper term for the amazing creature on this card: “Caticorn”

It was from a friend who I’ve known for less than a year here in SF wishing me the best of luck of in my job search and telling me how strong I’ve been in the San Francisco and November Project community. This will certainly bring me positivity and confidence in my job search and help me move along to my next exciting thing in life. Remember, if you see a card that’s fitting for someone, reach out and tell them you’re thinking of them!

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