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Pima Communty College’s women’s cross country team is ranked No.6 in the nation. Both the men’s and women’s team met their national rankings this year. As well as ranking nationally the women’s cross country team was top ten in national polls.

Hannah Painter is 18 years old and was born and raised in Flagstaff AZ. Hannah has been running her entire life and takes after her mother and father. Hannah’s parents are both track and cross country coaches at Hannah’s former High school. “I like running because it relieves my stress, and it’s something you can do anywhere. It’s something I’ve been doing my whole life and something that my family is really passionate about so I was just kind born into it,” Said Painter. Hannah intends on finishing up her two years of track and cross country at Pima CC. “ I’m not quite sure what goals I have for my running career yet. But I do know I want to do it for the rest of my life. whether it be for fun or competitively,” Says Hannah.

Although Hannah spends many hours focused on her running, like many young adults she loves to have fun in her free time. “In my free time I like to hang out with my family and friends, go on hikes, watch netflix, and oh and I also like to bake” Painter explained to me.

Hannah Painter is a freshman at Pima Community College. Hannah moved to Tucson from her hometown Flagstaff AZ. She signed to run cross country last year (her senior year of high school.) Unfortunately Over the summer Hannah developed pain in one of the muscles in her leg and had to get surgery just two weeks before the season and pre-season conditioning began. Hannah was forced to “red shirt” the entire cross country season due to injury recovery.

Towards the end of the season the coaches said she could come and begin practicing with the team. “I could go practice, but I am so out of shape compared to those girls that it almost wouldn’t even be worth it,” Said Hannah. Hannah is a very slender fit girl with a runner’s physique. She told me when we talked, “ I run almost every day but compared to the girls on the cross country team the runs I do are nowhere near as intense.”

In October Hannah ran a half marathon in Phoenix with her sister Chloe Painter and her boyfriend Justin Bangle. “ She can out run me any day with ease,” Says Justin. “She’s hard on herself but she is very fit.”

Hannah explained “ I have made zero friends at Pima,” When I asked her why she told me “Most of the students at Pima and on the Cross Country team already have established friend groups or grew up in Tucson so they know everyone. They don’t really feel the need to branch out and meet new people,” She hopes that during track season she begins to establish new friend groups and that next year is more smooth sailing when it comes to making friends.

As of recently Hannah’s leg is 100 percent healed from surgery. She intends to start conditioning for track next semesster (Spring 2016.) She is very excited to get back out and do what she loves. She hopes to make new friends, get her fitness back to where it was in high school, and do well on her new track and cross country team.

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