I’m curious if Randall chose from these artists to execute the portrait busts of Homer and Alice.
Katie Karrick

Dear Katie:

Randall was certainly shopping for artists to complete the portrait busts of his children (and his parents) when he was in Florence. Ultimately however he chose a Pietro Lazzarini, a sculptor in Carrara for the busts of Homer and Alice now in the permanent collection of the Cleveland History Center. They were staying in Pisa when the arrangements were made. (pp. 475–476)

13th [December 1870] Good Breakfast, liberal in amount. Kept hot by covered dishes, better than Florence- 1120 train Henry and I go to Cararra [sic], two and quarter hours ride, changing cars at Avenza from whence we go four miles on a branch road built only for marble freighting, and find Cararra [sic] at the foot of the hills which has so long supplied the world with marble, especially statuary marble.

No omnibus, we walk to town through the wind and rain. On the sidewalk in town, the town guide accosts us, we hire him, and are shown more marble shops within the next three hours than we could have found in two days. Scores of shops, all full of workmen, cutting, carving, “sculpting”, monuments, mantle pieces, figures busts and fine statuary of every description, and here again we found American orders exceeding all others- After visiting all others I approached Mr Petro [sic] Lazarini to whom I had been recommended as the finest artist in Cararra [sic] to do some work for me, and at once made satisfactory arrangements for modelling and cutting the busts of Alice and Homer.

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