Jeptha H. Wade II’s Hybrid Car

1920 Owen Magnetic Touring Car advert, from House Beautiful. More info on the Owen Magnetic

Though the advertisement above is for the 1920 Owen Magnetic Car, Jeptha H. Wade II (1857–1926) bought his a couple of years early. In June 1918 he makes a quick decision to buy the hybrid of the day.

June 13 Citizens [Bank] meeting. Morning & afternoon in office. At 4 Fred White called & showed me his Owen Magnetic I drove it about our grounds and liked it.

June 14 Spent morning (after walk with Mother) in town trying out Owen Magnetic & ordered one….

June 15 Walked & drove about farm with Mother, then pruned & sawed limbs. Fred White brought out my magnetic car. Mother & I motored in to the cem. [Lake View Cemetery] …

[Journal excerpts from MS. 3292 The Jeptha Homer Wade Family Papers (Box 007, Folder 048) Series 1, in the library/archives of the Cleveland History Center of the Western Reserve Historical Society]

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