Newsflash: Republicans Still Gutless


In a Politico article, “Insiders to Trump: Drop Out,” they highlighted the still-obvious garbage fire qualities engulfing the Republican Party under a Trump Presidential candidacy:

“I’d rather take our chances with nearly anyone else than continue with this certain loser who will likely cost the Senate and much more,” said a New Hampshire Republican — who, like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously.”

Note that last part of the quote, “…all respondents, completed the survey anonymously.” That’s particularly fitting, and basically an apt microcosm in this race, as to why the GOP is in this whole mess to begin with. That’s because no one (well almost, thanks Sen. Ben Sasse) repping “Team Red” in Washington’s milquetoast version of gang warfare seems to ever want to come out and oppose Trump and stake their name to it. Even a basic call to vote one’s own conscience is a bridge too far for Trumpublicans. They booed Ted Cruz for saying it and nearly ran him out of Cleveland, as if he’d just insulted Lebron James’ kids. Alas, it’s Trump’s party now and everyone who wants to suckle at the teat of Big Government power is playing this game of the “Quiet Quote.”

Seriously, 70% of the Republicans polled from that same Politico piece said they want Trump to drop out before the general election. Who among this vast majority shall I salute for standing up to His Orangeness? Answer: nobody, because everyone who responded was anonymous. More to that point, how do we even take Politico’s word that this poll even took place? Or if it did, how do we know they didn’t just query Hillary’s Hipster Army at her Brooklyn Campaign Headquarters? (obviously that’s a joke because they would be in unanimous agreement Donald stay in the race since he’s so easy to beat-unity!)

“Did you hear? They finally got fair trade, organic coffee for the french press!”

Basically, the GOP’s “principled opposition” is now relegated to some sort of Reddit thread where they don’t have to actually link their names to their accounts (yes, I know, but I’m also not a Republican officeholder either, so take that, silent reader judgement).

It is true that Trump should drop out for many reasons, the least among them that he’s being smashed in the polls. But, obviously he won’t do that unless and until he can figure out which member of “The Establishment” he wants to pretend just hit him with a folding chair in the back when he wasn’t looking so that he falls out of the ring and screams that it was rigged like a wrestling match all along.

Oh right, he already did that in 2009.

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