My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

Respectfully Sir, a lot of what you wrote about here seems not to come not from Conservatism but from an overbearing Leftist ideology in that you’re saying because of your skin color you must be a victim. There are also many straw men included in your case, such as the assumption that white conservatives don’t have the necessary empathy for your situation to begin with.

Most actual Conservatives just don’t accept the premise that black people are racially targeted in any remote way when compared to the 1960s Civil Rights Era. We don’t count micro-aggressions that rely on feelings or perceived slights.

Today’s police shootings are by and large explained by a malfeasance on the part of a Trayvon Martin trying to bash a man’s head into the sidewalk or a Michael Brown grabbing for a cop’s gun to presumably murder him. Can you admit these simple and objective facts as well? Yes, real racism exists, but it’s not systemic in this country, not the way you describe in your hill/mountain illustration.

Ben Shapiro says it best about privelege or levels on the mountain in that everyone in every walk of life is born into a different level. It’s what we do from there that matters. I’m surprised, that as a Conservative, you can’t or won’t grasp that while instead clinging to the toxic Leftist ideology that says you may likely be shot in the street because of your skin color and not for any other reason. I reject that notion along with pretty much everyone I know: left, right or center.

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