Thank you, Jorge Ramos

For letting the bias mask slip a bit too far

On Sunday, Univision “news” anchor and illegal alien enthusiast, Jorge Ramos, urged his fellow “journalists” to be more aggressive in covering Donald Trump. My use of scare quotes around these titles are now a necessity because Jorge has now outright said he has no interest in being neutral, or you know, doing the job of a news reporter:

“And I think in this case, neutrality is really not an option,” Ramos said on CNN. “I think we have to take a stand, and in this case, Donald Trump is a unique figure in American politics. We haven’t seen this in decades, since probability Senator Joe McCarthy.”

For the unaware, Ramos is not an opinion journalist like Rachel Maddow of MSNBC or Bill O’Reilly of the Conservative Bogeyman Network, or rather, Fox News. Ramos is a journalist journalist, one tasked with objectively reporting a day’s story in a fair and unbiased manner. Opinion journalists, or pundits, give their take on the issue with a bend according to his or her own beliefs on the topic. But Jorge Ramos seems to be confused by his own role and is actually doing all of us a favor by coming right out with his true intentions: pissing away the remaining shred of mainstream media credibility in our country (that would be the US, not Mexico, I should clarify).

Read his above quote again and let that sink in: “…neutrality is really not an option.” Donald Trump may be scary to Ramos’ viewer base who actually worry Donald would deport them (he won’t and in fact is actively already flip-flopping on his main campaign issue) so Ramos decides to play the role of self-titled “hero” (read: panderer) to his audience at the cost of his and his colleagues’ credentials.

Not physical credentials, like an old timey press card in the fedora of an old flash bulb photographer, mind you, but a figurative one.

Conservatives have been shouting for years about the liberal media bias that exists in major news organizations across the country, and with one foolish slip of the tongue by the guy who anchors a misogynist news channel it’s all over.

We can go home and rest now, knowing the jig is up. I’m only kidding of course, no one will hold Ramos to any kind of “journalistic standard” because they simply don’t exist on the “correct” side of the political aisle. But Jorge should be thanked, nonetheless.

Just imagine a scenario the other way around, if you will. What if Fox’s Chris Wallace said “…neutrality is really not an option,” anymore? And then what if he declared that the proverbial gloves be removed when reporting on Hillary Clinton? That going forward, journalists must actively challenge her claims and hold her feet to the fire when she lies all the time.

Why, that would probably elicit such claims from Hillary and the Left that there is some sort of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, wouldn’t it?