Free Webinar: Hired & Promoted in Hollywood

Entry-Level & Coordinator-Level jobs in the entertainment industry are competitive and hard to find. How do you network your way to your first or next job in the entertainment industry? How do you prepare your materials to stand out from the competition? Or perhaps you’re already a Hollywood Assistant looking to accelerate your growth within your current company. How do you become a Top Hollywood Assistant, get promoted, and take your career to the next level? This 75-minute in-person workshop is tailored for assistants in the business and development side of the entertainment industry — who are focused on the next step in their careers. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment industry’s hiring process — from a current Hollywood recruiter. You will learn expert tips on how to network your way into the companies you want to work for, how to revamp your resume, and how to interview like a pro. You will gain insight into different career paths in the business and development side of television and film, and perhaps most importantly, you will learn the importance of developing the survival skills, thick skin, and savvy needed to successfully navigate the Hollywood job hunt.

Webinar dates are:

  • Wednesday, 9/21 at 8:00 pm PST
  • Thursday, 9/22 at 8:00 pm PST

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Kate Lupo Bio:

Kate Lupo is the founder of and is a Hollywood recruiter and career mentor who assists college students and recent graduates in obtaining internships, entry-level, and coordinator-level jobs in the business side of the entertainment industry. In 2013, Kate was named one of 10 Hollywood Assistants to Watch by Variety magazine. She also worked as a consultant for Mark Zuckerberg’s political organization,, where she helped organize celebrity partnerships with Academy-Award winning actor Jared Leto, and TV actor Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries). She is currently an instructor on entry-level Hollywood careers at UCLA Extension and speaks with students and job seekers across the country on this topic. She has led workshops at Dartmouth College, UCLA, Middlebury College, American University, Occidental College, University of California Irvine, the Youth Business Alliance of LA, and Women in Film LA. When not coaching or teaching, Kate enjoys being a part of LA’s best comedy dance troupe, RAID.