All You Need To Know About Fruit Picking

All You Need to Know About The Fruit Picking Trend

The concept of “pick your own fruit” has become a huge trend in Australia. People are looking for “farm fresh” fruit rather than fruit from the supermarket which tends to lack flavour and may not be particularly fresh.

Did you know that your supermarket “fresh” apples may be up to 10 months old according to recent tests commissioned by the Sun-Herald at the independent Sydney Posthavest Laboratory. These not-so-fresh apples lack flavor and essential nutrients.

In a quest to find fruit full of flavour and goodness, consumers are seeking out farms that offer fruit picking in areas such as the Adelaide Hills in South Australia and the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Yarra Valley fruit picking is also popular with visitors from Asia who don’t have the opportunity to do this at home.

3 Essential Fruit Picking Tips

1. How to Pick Fruit

You pick most fruit with the pads of your fingers rather than your fingertips. It’s important to take note of the colour of the fruit. Green fruit generally indicates the fruit is not ripe. Use all your senses — if it smells good it will be ripe or close to it. Birds eating the fruit is also an indication of ripeness. If all else fails taste a piece of fruit and if it doesn’t taste great it’s not ready to eat.

2. Take Farm Tour

Australian farmers are captialising on the fruit picking trend by transforming their farms into tourist attractions. Rayner’s Orchard in the Yarra Valley, Victoria offer a popular package combining farm tours with u pick fruit (Fruit Adventure Tours). Tourist take a guided tour of the farm to before picking and tasting the fruit.

3. Bottle Your Fruit

If you’ve picked more produce than you can eat don’t let it sit in the crisper to rot. Learn to bottle your own fruit and keep farm fresh fruit in the pantry all year round. Some farms are even offering fruit bottling classes.

4. Grow Your Own Fruit

Ok, this isn’t an option for everyone especially people who opt for apartment living. However, there is nothing more satisfying than caring for a newly planted fruit tree, watching it grow then reaping the rewards when it starts bearing fruit. If this interests you, look out for a local fruit tree nursery and ask their advice about what grows best in your area. Ideally find a nursery specialising in fruit trees for sale as they will have the right expertise.

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