Sneak Preview of Writing Acts of Kindness: Week 1 Challenges

Writing Acts of Kindness
30 days, 30 writing challenges that will bring you closer to others.

Here’s the sneak preview of writing challenges for this week!

If you’re not really into the challenge that’s posed, feel free to swap it out with a writing idea of your own.


Copy a favourite family recipe onto a recipe card. On the back, share a little story about it. What memories do you have associated with the recipe? Is there a great little story to share? Send it to a friend who loves to bake or enjoys a good meal, or pass it along to a family member (your kids, a sibling…)


Write a thank you note to someone at work. Is there an administrative assistant who does so much for everyone? Is there a colleague who inspires you in some way? Is there someone who makes your workplace a great place to be? Write them a note to say thank you. If you can, use a piece of paper, a note card, or get all crafty and DIY!


Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a long, loooong time. It could be a friend from university that you’ve lost touch with or someone you often think about and feel bad that you haven’t spoken to. Maybe it’s someone who lives further away. Send an email, Facebook message, or DM — ask how they’re doing and let them know you’ve been thinking of them. It feels good to reconnect with people.


Write a sticky note for your partner. You’re going to write one sentence. You might start off with “I love how…” “I appreciate how…” “I love…[insert something you often think to yourself but don’t usually tell them]” or something of your own! It can be silly or sweet. You decide. Hide the note somewhere they will likely find it during the day. Tuck it into their wallet, maybe put it next to their set of keys, or in with their lunch…be creative!

As another option, you could write and hide a note for one of your children, a family member, or a note of appreciation for a friend at work. Have fun with it.


Write and post a comment on someone’s blog. What do you enjoy about their writing or a particular post? If you don’t know of a blog offhand, ask around to see who has one (you’d be surprised, there are many who do). What a great chance to get to know someone a little better through their writing. And some blogger out there will be super happy that you took a moment to write a sentence or two.


For those of you out there with nieces or nephews, write them a story about their mom or dad. It can be silly or endearing. Is there something they don’t know about their parent as a child or teenager?

As another option, write a story to your child(ren) about your partner. Is there a great story to share about when he/she was little? What were they like in high school? Or maybe something you remember from when you were dating? It’s fun to hear new stories about our parents. It helps us know them a little bit more.


Write a postcard! And not just any postcard, but the cheesiest one you can possibly find. A tacky, tacky postcard. Write a note to a friend and put it in the mail. You might decide to send it to a friend who lives far away or to someone nearby to be funny :)

Check out this beauty of a postcard!! He was a great find. My lucky friend Gail who lives in Newfoundland is going to be the proud recipient.

Remember when you complete a challenge, let us know! If you’re on Twitter, tweet it out! “I’ve completed a Writing Act of Kindness!” Tell us about what you did and include a photo if you can. We’ll stay connected through the hashtag #waok

We’re working towards that sacred red plaid shirt of writing awesomeness :)
(If you’re wondering, ‘what is she talking about?!check out the cool badges you can earn.)

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