I simply felt like writing.

I found myself tweeting in excess tonight so I decided to hop on Medium and flesh out some thoughts.

  1. Today I was told that I need to be more confrontational. I disagree. I’m relentless and difficult to deal with when I want something or feel as though I’m right. I do however, tend to give in when I think a fight is not worth the trouble. I’ve found that picking (being very picky) and choosing my battles gives me the energy to win the ones that truly are meaningful. So no I’m not going to fight or argue with a rude coworker or a person who’s views are polar opposite of mine, I will however fight to pull a person from ambivalence towards me and you should too.
  2. Drink good coffee. That’s it, spend extra on it, you won’t regret it.
  3. Epiphany of the week: I am shamefully hard on those around me. It’s ugly. This week I took the liberty to review a project my best friend is working on and I was quick to send over my disapproval. From my point of view I was sending him critical feedback about his work however I was blunt about it and he disregarded. It was difficult for me because I really wanted to help but taking shots at someone’s work is not an effective way to facility growth, change or improvements. After some thought I worked on his project a bit and I came back and told him, I need to start coming to you with solutions, not just criticism. And he was receptive. See, we all have a lot to learn from eachother but I won’t believe that you have anything to teach me if you say so, what I will believe is what you show me.

Three is a good number and I feel more at peace so I will save my thoughts on the horrific possibility that Donald Trump could be our next president and how divided our community really is for my next post.