HoloLens Challenge #16: Visual Puns

The Challenge: “Use the HoloLens to create a Visual Pun or Meme, snap a picture or video, tag it with #IAmAHoloLensDev.”

The Prize: Letting the world know how big the HoloLens Developer community is and that we are here to stay!

Following a recent tech conference, a VR dev told me he thought the HoloLens hardware was amazing, but that he also believed that because the HoloLens dev community is Microsoft-based, it couldn’t ever be as creative as the VR dev community.

HooliCon 2017

He is wrong and I need your help to show him how good the HoloLens dev community is and how big the HoloLens dev community is.

The 16th contest won’t take much of your time — we just need your genius. Think of something visually interesting. Put it in a HoloLens app (device or emulator). Capture it and post it with the hashtag #IAmAHoloLensDev. You can post to twitter or snapchat but please also post to the HoloLens Developers facebook page so we can find you.

“Comb the Desert” from Spaceballs

The Rules:

Primus: You have three weeks to complete this challenge. (Due July 18 [extended], 2017).

Secundus: Use the ‪#IAmAHoloLensDev hashtag so we can find you and know you are participating in the challenge.

Tertius: You must post a photo or a video showing your solution to the challenge by Tuesday, 12 PM PST. Let us know about it on the HoloLens Developers Facebook page.

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