HoloLens Challenge #6: Bedazzle

The Challenge: Trick out your HoloLens.

Isn’t it time to give your hardware some love? I often do corporate and fanboi Mixed Reality demos. About a month ago I started putting decals on my HoloLens to make it easier to find at the end of the day.

But why stop there? I found out recently that VR devs have started decorating their hardware. It goes anywhere from drawing on the Google Cardboard to putting rhinestones and arduino driven augmentation to their Oculus and Vive gear.

Show us your creativity. Extra points for parts that move. Extra extra points if you use a hot glue gun, because that shows serious commitment.

The Rules:

1. You have three weeks to complete this challenge. (Due Nov 1).

2. Use the ‪#‎hololens_challenge‬ hashtag so we can find you and know you are participating in the challenge. You must post a photo or a video showing your solution to the challenge by Tuesday, 12 PM PST. Let us know about it on the HoloLens Developers Facebook page.

3. As with Highlanders, there can be only one. At the same time, please remember that when we share, we are all winners. The best solution will be announced on Wednesday and selected by a shadowy group of Silicon Valley power brokers, Russian hackers, and summer interns.

Good luck!

Special thanks to the Weird Reality conference for its inspiration and guidance.

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