5 Botanical Trends of 2018

Want to add that exuberance and light-heartedness to your home or office? Do you find yourself enjoying the outdoors and indulging in nature? How about bringing the outdoors in? This is absolutely what the botanical trend has offered this year, from the vibrant banana leaf pillows and giant green leaves adorning your vases, to the tiny succulents glamorizing your office desk. As we step into the new year, this trend is finding more ways to integrate into various forms of decor and furnishings, which means it’s here to stay! Switch out all that quote artwork for fresh botanical prints this year, and try these 5 vibrant shades of green now to spruce up any living space!

1. Tropical Leaves

Giant exotic leaves are a perfect way to bring tropical bliss to your home. A range of these types of leaves originate in places with a tropical climate and year-round warmth, allowing them to nourish into big lush plants. The most common types of tropical leaves that have made their way into home decor are Split Leaf Philodendron (commonly known as the Monstera Leaf), Banana Leaf, Fern, Areca Palm, Bird of Paradise, and Fan Palm. The large imposing size of the leaves and the deep green hue compliment any backdrop. Bring a full grown plant to your home or office, or simply place leaf stems in a tall slender vase, they will instantly spread a sense of buoyancy all around.

2. Snake Plants

Beginner at growing indoor plants? These are an absolute must have for anyone getting their feet wet. The stiff long structure of this plant enhances vertical spaces, and are fitting for any corner of your home. They come in different types, each offering it’s own unique amalgam of colors and patterns. Pair it with a white ceramic or terra-cotta pot, and then watch the plant do its magic!

3. Succulents

Jazzing up the tiny niches of your home or office is just as important as the larger spaces. Succulents, as tiny as they are, manage to add a lot of greenery to your surroundings and add character to your counters, desks, window sills, and shelves. Want to get creative? Take it a step further and build a terrarium with an assortment of succulents, or place them in hanging planters.

4. Eucalyptus

Conventionally used in wedding decor, they are now gaining popularity in home decor. The dynamic color and shape of the leaves interlace seamlessly with other plants and flowers to create elegant floral arrangements. Just like with tropical plants, slim vases are appealing and fitting for the long stems of these leaves. If flower arrangements are too conventional for you, try pressing fresh leaves and frame them using floating picture frames.

5. Indoor Zen Garden

If you want your home to be a place of relaxation and contemplation, then a zen garden is just the thing for you! Pick a spot or multiple spots around your home that are suitable to indulge in contemplation or meditation. Enlighten these spaces with air-purifying plants such as bamboo, peace lily, monstera and golden pothos. Not only will these plants detoxify the indoor air, they will create an aesthetically pleasing surrounding for your daily dose of meditation.

Rushika H.P. is a licensed architect and principal of Hólos Architecture + Design in Florida. She focuses on pure, functional, and beautiful architectural & interior design solutions for the modern home and is passionate about furniture design, graphic design, photography and travel. For more design tips and trends, subscribe here!



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Rushika H.P.

Rushika H.P.

Architect + Principal @ Hólos Architecture + Design, www.holos.design